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Hiawatha: Egyptrixx Vs Thrush Hermit

Night Slugs' dynamic producer goes head to head with Thrush Hermit's Ian McGettigan for a heavy psychedelic trip

Following his huge debut 'Bible Eyes' on Night Slugs, Toronto’s psychedelic son Egyptrixx returns with a partner in tow in Thrush Hermit’s Ian McGettigan. Their trippy and dichotomous effort fuses their alternate musical styles, generating a dark and fantastic body of original compositions. With their joint LP ‘Language’ recently released on Last Gang Records, Dazed caught up with the dynamic duo known as Hiawatha. Here the pair talk cowbells, spending the day at a nudist beach and falling PA systems...

Egyptrixx: After we finished this record, you ran off to rural Romania for a few months, was it amazing?
Ian McGettigan:
It was a mind blowing experience, horses in city streets, beautiful simple living, disgusting corrupt capitalism.

Egyptrixx: What were you listening to in Romania?

Ian McGettigan: Cowbells, crickets, dark, sad, impossibly deep, traditional Iranian music, and Doo-wop-Express.

Egyptrixx: Now after having spent a few weeks living in a tranquil-ass tent on the Black Sea (among other spots) how terrifying is the idea of band practise?
Ian McGettigan: I know when to go out, I know when to stay in.

Egyptrixx: A mastering engineer once prophesized that something awful was going to happen to you - do you feel like you're in the clear now? Should psychic mastering engineers be trusted?
Ian McGettigan: Between the years of 2006 and 2009 there was some dark forces following me, people who sit in a dark rooms fondling million dollar stereo's stoned out of their mind can get into some weird places.

Egyptrixx: I've always been impressed by your spiritual awareness - you know about Tai Chi, meditation, spirits etc. Can you give one general piece of spiritual advice to anyone reading this interview?
Ian McGettigan:
All you really need is air and water.


Ian McGettigan: While I roamed the mountains, you holed up in your chamber cranking music out all night, where you at now?
Egyptrixx: It was an intensely creative and productive summer, after you left i had a lot of creative momentum and tried to run with it. I was in Los Angeles for a while working with Bestial Mouths on their new album, I wrote most of the next Egyptrixx LP and made a folk record with my friend Sallow.

Ian McGettigan: What was the last personal discovery that you translated into music?
Egyptrixx: Language was the first really personal record I've written, there were all sorts of personal revelations (good and bad) that ended up on the album.

Ian McGettigan: Is there something coming in the air tonight?
Egyptrixx: I just spent all day at a nudist beach and ate at the best Nicaraguan restaurant in the city... I'm feeling tranquil as fuck. I want to retire.

Ian McGettigan: What was the scariest thing that's ever happened to you on tour?
Egyptrixx: I almost got killed by falling PA in Nelson, BC - and various plane and car related bullshit; a few car accidents, turbulence, etc. Generally speaking, tour can be pretty mundane though.

Ian McGettigan: I know you have a writing background, what would you want to write about?
Egyptrixx: I mostly wanted to be a political reporter and then did some science reporting for the paper that I briefly worked at. At some point i'd like to take a run at some fiction ideas I have laying around... when i have time.

Text by Charlie Allenby