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South London Ordnance

Check out the new 5-track EP on Audio Culture from the South London-based newcomer

Shot here exclusively for Dazed Digital, the newcomer from well, South London, has made musical waves with his Swamp 81-esque percussive house and techno sounds working around strangely, a visual approach. Having only released his first EP this year on Brighton imprint Well Rounded Records, South London Ordnance has already found fans in Mosca to Dark Sky, and now us - with an exclusive steam of his new EP on Audio Culture before he plays their night at ADE in Amsterdam this October...


... your favourite thing about South London?
I've lived here all my life, apart from a brief stint at University in Leeds - that fact alone makes it pretty attractive, it's home.

...better, analogue or digital?

Ha - I've only had the opportunity to play on outboard gear once and it would appear to me that you can get almost an almost identical finish digitally, but for half the price - and using a tenth of the space. So yeah, for the moment - digital "unfortunately".

...your favourite website?

Sites that catalogue innovative, contemporary graphic design I am very down with.

...your favourite record label?

At the moment? Blawan & Pariah's She Works The Long Nights. The last 12" with Midland & Pariah himself is a staple in my sets and steals the show every time - in terms of sonic 'weight' both tracks kill it. But in terms
of releasing a lot of records that I've been consistently into? Labels like Hotflush, Warp, R&S et al.

...your worst fashion secret?

I'm a skinny white guy who's most comfortable in a dark room playing on his computer - I've had a few blunders in my time.

...are you listening to now?

Dope new music from Presk, the new Trevino 12" on Applepips, a new project from Jay Weed & Douster - Saaeon Express and the most beautiful NeferTT EP.

How would you describe your work?

The business end of intelligent dance music.

What's next?

Breakfast, probably.

Exclusive photos by Vivek Vadoliya