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Amateur Best's Comic Book Mixtape

Joe Flory of Primary 1 returns on Double Denim as a somewhat disconcerting comic book character with a themed mixtape for us here

You may remember Primary 1 from his stint with Riton, 'Who's There?', via Erol Alkan's Phantasy and his infectious "Hold Me Down, Hold Me Down" vocals... years later, the London-based Joe Flory is back with his new single ‘Ready For the Good Life’ under the guise of Amateur Best.

Landing on Double Denim (Outfit, Zulu Winter), the second single from him features none other than Chilly Gonzales on piano, whilst each track presents a slightly creepy corresponding 'comic book' following the character James Best through the murder and mayhem in ‘pre-Olimpik’ London. Here he makes us a comic book move-inspired mixtape and leads us through it...

1. Tank Girl- Let's Do It - (Joan Jett & Paul Westerberg): I think the creators of the excellent 'Tank Girl' comic book series were unhappy with how this turned out, but it's pretty ridiculous and funny. Ice- T plays a kangaroo, so I'm sold.
2. Batman- Partyman (Prince): It's Prince, it's Batman, and it's Jack Nicholson as The Joker. The End.
3. Blade- 1 2 & 1 2  (Gang Starr and M.O.P.): An awesome movie. Somebody free Wesley so he can make Blade 4.
4. Danger Diabolik- Deep Down (Ennio Morricone): This is the best comic book movie I've ever seen. It's from 1968 so way before CGI started ruining everything. I think the beauty of comic books is that they are clearly 'fake' versions of reality. Director Mario Bava uses matte paintings and cut outs to represent cityscapes, bringing the hand made beauty of comics to films. You might recognise some scenes from the Beasties Boys video for 'Body Movin', which they did as a kind of homage to 'Danger Diabolik'.
5. Ichi The Killer- Go!!! (Boredoms): This movie is directed by Takeshi Miike and is completely fucked up. It involves sexual gratification derived from the severing of limbs. I've never read the comic and I' not sure I will.
6. The Fifth Element- Koolen/The Diva Dance (Eric Serra): This movie gets a lot of shit but I love it. It is essentially based on 'The Incal', which is written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and illustrated by the late great Moebius. Plus Tricky is in it. I love Tricky.
7. Spawn- Familiar (Incubus and Dj Greyboy): This was the last Incubus track before which to my 13-year-old brain they sold out and ruined everything WTF OMG FML.
8. Crumb- Frog I more I Rag (Ferdinand 'Jelly Roll' Morton): A pretty little piano ditty. Robert Crumb is a very strange man, but also a very honest one. It is evident from his amazing work that he likes big butts.
9. Heavy Metal- Through Being Cool (Devo): Apparently this was a massive stoner movie in the 80s. Watching it today it's a bit hit and miss but I recently discovered Devo through it. I can't believe I'd never heard of Devo but it's true. They Rock.