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Cuushe Video Premiere

We premiere the eerie new vid for 'Do You Know the Way to Sleep' from the Japanese dream-pop singer on flau with remixes from Julia Holter

Japanese dreampop singer Cuushe makes electro-melancholia that caresses you like waves lapping at the shore. Last month she put out her second record ‘Girl You Know That I Am Here But The Dream’ on flau, which silkily weaves between her own material and remixes from Julia Holter and Blackbird Blackbird that go from sound-art to synthpop. Today Cuushe premieres the exquisite video for 'Do You Know The Way To Sleep' on Dazed Digital, where ballerinas' plié and children weep as the song morphs from gauzy ambience to a strong-hearted plea.


…The story behind your name?
Cuushe is a misreading of the French word for "nap".

… The most important song in the world to you?
‘My Funny Valentine’

…Your dream music video?
Takashi Ito – ‘Thunder’ 

…At the top of your shitlist?
Why we cannot hibernate...

…Your top 3 musical inspirations?
Musician friends, movies, sadness

…The best party you've ever been to?
Takoyaki [octopus balls] party and Onigiri party!

…The artist that you'd love to collaborate with?
How To Dress Well.

…The movie you wish everyone knew about?
‘Wonderland’ (1999).

…The least cool item of clothing in your closet?
Shoes. One has YES on it and the other has NO.

… The place that you'd take me if I visited your home town?
My home town is Kyoto, so I would take you to Kiyomizu Temple.

…are you listening to right now?
Sounds from outside. 

How would you describe your music?
Pop music.