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Wild Nothing Album Stream

Dazed Digital premieres the debut album from Jack Tatum due on Gemini

Two years after releasing their debut album Gemini, Wild Nothing are back with a new record entitled 'Nocturne'. The album will be released the 27th of August and that will kick off their U.S. tour accompanied by labelmates DIIV. We sat down and talked with Jack Tatum about what he’s been doing for the past two years and what we can expect in the new album.

Dazed Digital: So you just finished your new album?
Jack Tatum:
Yeah, well, it’s been finished since about March more or less.

DD: How does it feel to be done?
Jack Tatum:
It feels really good. It’s getting closer and closer to the release date. I’m excited because it’s been about two years since I put out anything substantial, so it’s a good feeling.

DD: What was the inspiration for the new album?
Jack Tatum:
It’s hard to say what exactly inspired it, but it was definitely a culmination of my life experiences from after the first album came out. I was traveling a lot and kind of exhausting myself. So when I was finally able to go home and rest and relax, I slowly started working on music again.

DD: Do you have a favorite song on the new album?
Jack Tatum:
I do I guess. For me personally when I listen to it, I don’t think of it on a song-by-song basis, I think of it as a whole. The song Nocturne though, became kind of the theme for the album, which is kind of this nighttime, drowsy, lack of sleep delirious type feeling.

DD: Your first album came out a week after graduating college. What’s been the biggest adjustment for you?
Jack Tatum:
It’s been strange and exciting at the same time. When you’re this young and travelling so much, you kind of overdo it. You don’t know what your limits are yet and I think you tend to wear yourself out.

DD: How did growing up in Virginia shape your musical tastes?
Jack Tatum:
It was definitely interesting growing up in Virginia. It doesn’t get a lot of live music. My love of music grew listening to records. It was a personal isolated thing. I would listen to records in my room, plus growing up right at the time when Internet was blooming had a big effect on me, especially in regards to finding out about new music.

DD: Now you that you live in New York do you enjoy going to shows?
Jack Tatum:
Well, I moved here about six months ago and there are shows every night, wherever you go. It’s completely different. But I think I still get a lot of more satisfaction listening to records than I do going to shows, I guess it’s just the way I grew up.