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Get Your Rocks Off With Primal Scream

Come together for Ray-Ban’s 75th-Anniversary Celebration!

To celebrate 75 year of Legends, Ray-Ban have joined forces with Dazed for a once-in-a-lifetime night of rock n' roll sensory overload – a legendary moment in music history that you could be in with a chance of attending.

For your chance to join the audience, share your legend with Ray-Ban by uploading an image and your legendary moment. The winners will be invited to join an event hosted by unparalleled rebel-rousers of British rock, Primal Scream. The celebrations will take place at a secret London location on 13th September. At the end of the evening, the band will be inviting a special guest vocalist to join them on stage to collaborate on a legendary song chosen in advance by you, the audience.

Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie knows what goes into making a night legendary: "It’s about giving your whole life to playing rock n' roll music, and never playing a note that has a lie behind it."

Rock n roll has been a part of the Ray-Ban heritage, with the iconic eyewear loved by rebels and mavericks the world over for 75 years – its classic Wayfarer and Aviators have become the best selling eye-wear designs of all time.

If you’re ready to get your rocks off, pay attention: from 27th-31st August the Dazed Facebook page will be given over to an exclusive Ray-Ban competition. Entrants are able to vote on a selection of  legendary songs for Bobby and co to cover via Twitter, using the hashtag #Raybanlegends. Voters are in with a chance of winning one of 60 pairs of tickets that will be given away over the five days.

An exclusive interview and shoot with the man himself about playing with some of rock’s most legenday names is in the forthcoming September issue, so pick up a copy and for a chance to win tickets, upload your chosen image to the 'Legends' section on the Ray-Ban website.

Photos by Romano Pizzichini