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Phone Tag Track Exclusive

Brooklyn's Gryphon Graham makes melancholic breezy DIY pop

Brooklyn's Gryphon Graham (or 'Phone Tag' to you and me) makes melancholic breezy DIY pop with the tropical eye-twinkle of the Lilt Ladies. 'Ghosts Behind' is the first single from the live veteran's self-titled debut LP, coming September on Dutty Artz. Here he offers an exclusive remix of that song by Wisconsin producer Chants, who takes the original's weirdo-disco into deeper waters that ripple with the seduction of 'Underwater Love'. We caught up with Gryphon to talk sci-fi and skinny dipping: read the results below.


...the story behind your band name?
It's about disconnection in modern human relations (it's also kind of a play on my name I guess).

The best show you've ever played?

We played a great, sweaty house show with Friends in Austin a couple of years ago, that was pretty amazing. There were a lot of naked people and everyone jumped the fence to a pool at a nearby apartment complex after the show to cool off.

Your dream person to play Phone Tag with?
Ryuichi Sakamoto or maybe Neil Young (it would probably piss him off, actually, so nevermind)

The movie that you'd love to soundtrack?

I've always loved late-70s to mid-80s sci-fi movie soundtracks so something in that vein. Or perhaps an animated film. I don't know what it is, because it doesn't exist yet! i could never choose a film, the soundtrack is too important to my understanding of the work and I couldn't imagine starting over. Could you do a better job than Vangelis soundtracking Blade Runner?

Your favourite website? because it takes risks and is often quite interesting. I will often read to hear something I haven't. My boring fave is twitter. I love for the (real) world.

The best time of the day?

When the sun is coming up. Best light and greatest sense of possibility.

The weirdest supernatural experience you've ever had?

I met a ghost in a dream as a young child. Realised i was mortal.

At the top of your shit-list?
Romnoid or maybe the Fed.

Your party trick?

Your dream music video?

All shot in space for starters. I work better with limitations.

Your worst fashion secret?
My hair (not secret)

The meal you'd cook to impress a date?

Seared salmon with roasted broccoli rabé with hot peppers, or an omelette. It depends on the time of date, i can really only cook eggs.

Your worst vice?
Besides the bath salts?

What are you listening to now?

DIIV's 'Oshin', Peaking Lights 'Lucifer'. We've also been working on a mix featuring Carly Simon and some other great personalities (Whodini, Midnight Star, Zapp and Rogers, etc.)

How would you describe your music?
Synthetic beat music with a pop feel appeal to it. I want music that moves!