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Dazed Radio Show #5

Listen to our new radio show featuring a selection of Dazed & Approved jams, plus a roundtable discussion with authors Richard Milward, Evie Wyld and Matthias "Wolf Boy" Connor

In this month's jam-packed Strongroom Alive radio show, Tim Noakes selects up his favourite tunes of the month, from Ariel Pink and Widows, to some old classics by Q Lazzarus, Joy Division and Donnie & Joe Emerson. He is then joined in the studio by books editor Stuart Hammond and authors Evie Wyld, Richard Milward and Matthias “Wolf Boy” Connor to discuss the musical inspirations behind their writing, their thoughts on the future of publishing, and their contributions to our current Feed Your Head literature special issue. 

20/06/12: Dazed & Confused - Feed Your Head by Strongroomalive on Mixcloud