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Nathaniel Oak on white ankle socks, beefy kicks and how 'Haus' turned into 'Howse'

22-year-old Rhode Island resident Nathaniel Oak works under the name Howse for Tri Angle Records, taking his influences from chaotic juke and jungle into raw ambient sounds. Known for their haunting lo-fi musical and visual aesthetics, the label has attempted to explore different routes with their last signings Water Borders, but Howse perhaps returns to their original explorations.

WHAT's... ...special about you?
I can't whistle.
...the story behind your name? It's a nickname but needed to figure out a different spelling as Haus is very German and I'm not.

...your worst vice?


... your favourite sound?

Beefy kicks? Probably a good pad more than anything else.

...your favourite website?

I dunno, twitter? or gmail? is awesome but its not like I check that regularly.
...the best thing on Youtube?
  ...better, analogue or digital?
My studio is all digital, but I'm hungry for increased tactility. I think you can do most of what analogue provides on a budget digitally, plus limitations are good for me. In a live setting however, it's hard to beat analogue sounds.

...your worst fashion secret? White ankle socks.
...are you listening to now?
Unknown To The Unknown releases, Octo Octa, Romare, Boards, Actress.
How would you describe your work?
That's tricky, maybe quicksand? But probably just raving filtered through headphones.
What's next? Writing a lot and developing my live show. Probably making dinner in a few hours.