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EXCLUSIVE: Peter Serafinowicz on his new Hot Chip video

We chat exclusively with the director about his new video for Hot Chip's 'Day And Night' single, featuring Lara Stone, Terence Stamp and Reggie Watts

For “Night & Day”, Hot Chip’s first video from their forthcoming album In Our Heads, the group has once again teamed up with “I Feel Better” director Peter Serafinowicz for another blast of spaced out weirdness. Primarily known as an actor and impressionist, Serafinowicz, who also hosts a hilarious Saturday morning radio show on BBC 6 Music, managed to rope in film legend Terence Stamp, comedian/musician Reggie Watts, and supermodel Lara Stone for her first ever music video. Dazed Digital quickly caught up with Serafinowicz to find out what inspired his cosmic vision…
Dazed Digital: Reggie, Lara and Terence Stamp star in the Night & Day video – why did you choose each of them for these roles?
Peter Serafinowicz:
I like to aim high!! I seriously didn't expect any of them to say yes.

DD: How do you think Lara found the transition between modelling to performing in her first music video?
Peter Serafinowicz: I think she enjoyed herself, she's actually super funny in 'real life'.
DD: It's a unique twist on the ying and yang love story – why did you feel that this song lent itself to such a bizarre plot?
Peter Serafinowicz: It's such a great song, even after listening to it 500 times (which I have). So the music lyrics just start to suggest little glimpses of things, which then evolve into a story. I think the first image I had was Reggie in close. When you direct a music video, you get the opportunity and resources to create something unique, so you should make the most of it.
DD: Be honest – was this just a big excuse to get Terence Stamp to rap, "I don't got no Abba, I don't play no gabba"?
Peter Serafinowicz: He just happened to be saying that in conversation, luckily the camera was rolling.

DD: Did he know what gabba was?
Peter Serafinowicz: I don't even know what gabba is.

DD: Terence Stamp's cult are hypotized by a big egg wearing a tutu, nipple tassles and a crown – was that a private fantasy of yours?
Peter Serafinowicz: The egg isn't wearing tassles, you pervert!

DD: Ah, oh, mmm… so what's the back story on this sexy eggy alien?
Peter Serafinowicz: Many years ago she narrowly missed out on being the egg on the poster of ALIEN, and I wanted to show the world what she can do.

DD: Terence Stamp's cult seem to be performing of hybrid of voguing – what is your dance move of choice?
Peter Serafinowicz: Robotics. It's surely due for a comeback!

DD: You're not primarily known as a director – do you see music videos as the perfect platform for mass subversion?
Peter Serafinowicz: Haha! They're perfect vehicles for directors because unlike short films, people get to actually see them. Also, do you like it when someone says "I'd love you to take a look at my short film"?

DD: Is directing something you want to concentrate on?
Peter Serafinowicz: Yeah. I want to direct a sci-fi feature. I'm also developing a Brian Butterfield movie, but I don't know if i'd like to direct that from inside the fat suit.

DD: If budget was no concern what film would you make?
Peter Serafinowicz: A remake of The Godfather, but with babies.

DD: Both your Hot Chip videos are epic productions – how have you evolved as a director between them?
Peter Serafinowicz: Thanks! I directed a video in between - a mashup of Rocky and Robocop for Alex Metric and Steve Angello which I acted in too, it was great fun.

DD: Both your videos are about aliens, and you once voiced Darth Maul. Where did your fascination with aliens begin?
Peter Serafinowicz: As a kid in the 70s, there seemed to be UFOs on the news every week. I know suspect that these stories were planted by PR people working on Close Encounters, etc. Thanks for the nightmares!

DD: How much of a sci-fi geek are you?
Peter Serafinowicz: Pretty big! I don't own a 3/4 length leather overcoat though.

DD: What are you working on next?
Peter Serafinowicz: I'm writing a comic book with Batman artist Jock, working on the Butterfield movie, and have a book out later this year - A Billion Jokes (Volume I).