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Blue On Blue Exclusive Mix

Listen to an exclusive mix from the London-based duo on Robot Elephant Records

As can be heard via their new EP on Robot Elephant Records, London based duo Blue on Blue's sound wafts into the subconscious with its dreamlike and ethereal quality. In prep of their numerous performances in London this year, Dee Sada and Billy Trivial take some time out to chat to us alongside an exclusive mix from them featuring bangers from Maurice Joshua to Laurie Anderson and Cocorosie.


...your party trick?
Being the first to pass out after 2 drinks. Never fails to amuse everybody.
Billy: Remembering mathematical Pi to 50 decimal places.

...the story behind your name
We are named after the Bobby Vinton song of the same name.
Dee: Blue On Blue is also a military term for friendly fire - killing someone on your own side.

...your worst vice?
Having an average of 3 showers a day and being pretty OCD about cleanliness.
Billy: Double cheeseburgers.

... your favourite sound?
Billy has been playing the violin a lot recently and I adore it. Generally, my heart skips a beat when I hear any bass and drum sounds. They'll always be my favourite noises.
Billy: My favourite sound is pink noise.

...your favourite website?
Dee: Billy and I write for It's one of my favourite music websites and is run by some truly amazing people.

..your favourite record label?

Dee: For ethos and attitude, Dischord will always be a benchmark for the independents. There's also an exciting rise in London of new independent labels like Robot Elephant records and Tip Top recordings. Billy and I have recently decided to set up our own label, MORGENROCK RECORDS - a cassette tape only label where we will be producing and releasing experimental bands.

...your worst fashion secret?

Dee: Wearing underwear.
Billy: Not wearing underwear.

...are you listening to now?

Billy: At the moment, Alan Lomax field recordings and plenty of Webern.
Dee: John Cooper Clarke's Month of Sundays show on BBC6 and a lot of old school garage. When I first moved to London, all my friends were into garage so I was heavily into that scene even though I was deeply frustrated at the time as I couldn't find like-minded alternative music fans. I now look back on that period rather fondly. I love So Solid Crew and really want to collaborate with them. Someone please help sort it!

How would you describe your work?
Religious and unsettling.
Billy: I don’t feel like I can describe my own music. I made it, I’ll leave it to other people..

What's next?
Our EP comes out on Robot Elephant on Monday May 28th, we'll be playing a few shows to mark the EP release - we're supporting Moonface at Cargo on May 29th and our EP launch will be at The Waiting Room (formerlyThe Drop) in Stoke Newington on Thursday June 28th. We're also DJing at Modern Art Oxford on Saturday June 30th. We will also be putting out the first release on our label, MORGENROCK later this year.

Mehbooba Mehbooba - Rahul Dev Burman

Pepsi Cola - Soft Drinks

Die Kunst Wird Mal Durch Abschlachten Groß - Georgie D.

When He Calls Me Kitten - Kelley Deal 6000

Orgue Eolien - International Folk Music Council

Candy Land - Cocorosie

No Manifesto (Live) - Ut

Africa - Anonymous

I Got A Big Dick - Maurice Joshua

O Superman - Laurie Anderson

Out Monday 28th May