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Jam City: Album Sneak Preview

We preview tracks off the new album from the young producer on Night Slugs influenced by everything from Prince to Chicago House

Set for release on the unstoppable Night Slugs label, Jam City's new LP 'Classical Curves' is - in his own words - a record about "elegance, violence, electricity, water, marble, plants, trenchcoats, oily black jeep windows, crashed motorbikes, parks at twilight, clubs in the dark, broken DX7s and missed phone calls, written & recorded over a hot summer in a cramped flat with neighbours having sex through the walls." Spanning Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Grime and Club via influences from Prince, Youngstar, and The Neptunes, to Steve Poindexter, the record is made up of widely varying sounds which Jack Latham himself attempts to explain here...

Hyatt Park part II
An attempt to write a baroque pop song - I guess it turned out kind of sad and stately. The vocals were recorded early in the morning rather than late at night. My friend Vincent L'Traques told me he hated it cause it was too slow but we don't really see eye to eye anymore after what happened at his Christmas party.

Overwhelming blastbeats versus obsidian jewel necklace. Imagining impossible catwalk serves and just so much sweat dripping onto the hardwood floor. My friends Nguzunguzu said they started a moshpit to this when they played in Moscow, I think however you try that's the only way you can move to it. I know I'm too scared to play it live.

The Nite Life feat. Main Attrakionz
Dream come trust working with these guys, I was a fan since I heard Mondreman's "Dope since 91" tape , especially the track 'What U Need" , which never left the car stereo last summer. This track barely existed until they vocaled it, and what they did with the arrangement was so clever and unexpected. There's so much space in the song and yet they never go overboard trying to fill it, they just make their statements then leave. My jaw dropped when I heard the lyrics; "Million dollar / Mixing Boards / Your fingers touching / Oh Lord" I mean what do you say to that?

... your favourite sound?

Breaking glass; The hum of the earth slowly deciding our fate.

...are you listening to now?

I live between a beach and an air-strip so right now it’s the sound of waves and flight sirens, my mixing board hissing, my girlfriend laughing, Dune-buggies being obnoxious and loud on the sand as the tide comes in.

...your favourite website?

I haven't had the internet out here for months, but when I do it’s mainly just TMZ and

...your worst fashion secret?

I don’t regret anything I’ve ever worn. There was an awkward phase in my teens when I couldn’t get the right shade of nail varnish but it’s trial and error I guess.

How would you describe your work?
Classical Curves came out of a dream I had on a transatlantic flight - hopefully it’s violent, romantic, calming, unnerving. A friend said it was like double cream being poured into the joints of a motorcycle chassis - I nearly died when I heard that <3.