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Photos by Trevor Traynor

EXCLUSIVE: Slugabed Track Giveaway

We speak to the glitchy atmospheric producer alongside an exclusive remix of his new track from Lapalux

Future-past beat maker Slugabed layers “fast 'n heavy” Juke percussion sounds with a slow limitless outer s-p-a-c-e-d groove. A ménage à trois of influences marrying the sci-fi troposphere of novelists Philip K. Dick and Michael Marshal Smith with new bedfellows such as The Beach Boys to more recent bands like Delicate Steve in a sound that resembles a multi-tonal big bang of fantasy and humour compressed in a Windows 95 Zip file.

I really like fake instruments like synth trumpets and synth flutes. I got this cheap Yamaha keyboard with some incredible pre-sets like synth bells

Ahead of a host of live shows Dazed teleported into the labels HQ to discuss dreams, Slugabed’s debut Time Team and an exclusive Lapalux remix up for download.

Dazed Digital: If we travelled back in time to your parents’ living room what would be playing out of the stereo system?

Slugabed: A lot of classical music, jazz, loads of Miles Davis, Horace Silver and Van Morrison. These days I listen to a surprising amount of the stuff my parents played but as a kid I was listening more to stuff like Nirvana or Mos Def.

DD: A lot of people say your music reminds them of video games, were you ever a gamer?
Slugabed: I never really played video games. I got Fruity Loops when I was fourteen and from then on that was like my video game, you kind of have something at the end of it instead of just a high score.

DD: Where do you hunt for samples?
Slugabed: I wouldn’t ever limit myself to one genre but Prog-rock is fun as you can listen through five tracks of heavy unusable rock drum stuff until you find this magic little moment. I like stealing a half a second long clip and stretching it out and fooling around with it. I don’t sample that much to be honest though. There were only maybe two tracks that had a sample on the album. I might get back into it though as it’s something I used to do a lot more when I was younger.

DD: What would you say is your favourite noise at the moment?
Slugabed: I really like fake instruments like synth trumpets and synth flutes. I got this cheap Yamaha keyboard with some incredible pre-sets like synth bells… also the sound of birds but I think that’s just more an incredible sound.

DD: Is there a certain mood you have to before you begin producing?
Slugabed: I find some of my best tracks have been thought of while falling asleep in bed. I think of it quite visually as I make all my music on Fruity Loops so I think in a way that makes it easier to remember.

DD: What the craziest dream you’ve had?
Slugabed: A couple of nights ago I dreamt I was in a fight trying to punch someone but it just slowed down. At the back of my head I knew it was a dream though so instead of getting caught up in it I thought right ‘I’m not going to let this happen again’ and I jumped and bit his nose but then I woke up nibbling my girlfriend’s nose. Luckily I was still actually dreaming but then I woke up again. I told my girlfriend about it and we laughed a bit but I was still dreaming so then I woke up again...