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LPZ 1983 Mixtape

We meet the new signings on the London-based Body Work label with an exclusive mix for us straight outta Paraguay

The recently-founded London-based record label, Body Work, has been making a name for itself through house, garage, techno and disco jams via the likes of duos like Waze & Odyssey, and CSY & Stripes. Now they bring us the brotherly producers, LPZ’s new EP entitled '1983' made with cheap Paraguayan synths. To celebrate the release of their latest offering, LPZ have created an exclusive mix for us featuring Alexander Robotnick, D-Train and Ken Dang...


...special about you?
We're three brothers (Kenny, Cosmo and P Lopez) who sold our mum's donkey to buy the cheapest synths we could get in Paraguay. We started making music, things turned out OK and now we got a new release (on Body Work) that's been getting lots of love from around the world so hopefully we will get Rucio (the donkey) back soon.

...the story behind your name?
LPZ is the abbreviation of our surname, Lopez. We've been releasing music for a while now either as our own productions or remixes on Ninja Tune, Tirk, Wah Wah 45s, Brownswood and Keep Up. As we were doing hip hop as Lopez we decided to drop the bowels and increase the tempo for our HAUS productions.

...your worst vice?
Buying records and synths, we just keep on getting more and more of them, we are running out of space to be honest. Mum ain't happy as you can imagine, especially after the Rucio incident.

...your favourite sound?
Basssssssssss. It doesn't have to be in a musical context but those low frequencies that move your ribcage just drives us crazy. Failing that then the sound of water or rain, great to relax maaaaan.

...your favourite website?
Ebay for gear, Discogs for records and Bleep for digital music. Facebook is destroying our lives too by the way.

...your favourite label?
Body Work, innit?

...your worst fashion secret?
We've been wearing the same ponchos for the last 10 years, are they still fashionable?

...are you listening to now?
The new Lone record, boy's done very very good!

How would you describe your work?
We take from the past to create something for the future, you could call it retrofuturist Jackin' HAUS.

What's next?
More releases on Keep Up, Body Work, Dogmatik and First Word, couple of mixes and a few re-edits we've been working on either as LPZ or Lopez. Keep your eyes peeled!