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Singha Secrets: Submotion Orchestra

We follow the cinematic seven-piece live group in an exclusive video for our collaborative project about their stunning shows and a guide to their hometown of Leeds

After featuring London-based illustrator Pomme Chan in our new video series as part of the collaborative project from Dazed and Singha, the original Thai beer, we arrived in Leeds to meet Submotion Orchestra for the third and final our of city guides. Following them as one of the creative talents in the fields of art and music the 'Singha Secrets' project aims to support, the video presents a guide of their hometown, and a behind-the-scenes snapshot of their working lives.

Hailing from Leeds, Submotion Orchestra are the cinematic seven-piece live group who formed after trumpet player Simon Beddoe aka Bobby & drummer Tommy Evans performed a unique dub-influenced jazz and classical show (backed by a church choir, organist, and a giant sound system). Together with Leeds performers Taz Modi (keyboards), Chris Hargreaves (bass), Ruby Wood (vocals), Dom Howard aka Ruckspin (producer and engineer) and Danny Templeman (percussionist), the 'Orchestra' have since played stunning live shows and finished their emotive jazz-influenced debut album, “Finest Hour”.

Their new single ‘Blind Spot’ is out August 13th on Exceptional Blue Records and will be touring the UK in October

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