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The US-based producer chats about his use of electronic samples and warm sounds

Though he was born in America’s Golden State, Ringgo Ancheta aka Mndsgn has spent most of his life living and working on the other side of the country, operating out of New Jersey. Now, after a lengthy absence, he’s upped sticks and headed back to CA to continue producing the trademark atmospheric, heat-wave electronica that has marked him out as one of the west coast’s finest beat-smiths.

I feed off the sun and gain inspiration from wherever I’m taken. It’s everywhere

Looping back and forth between tightly clipped edits each track is a patchwork of lush electronic samples blended together to create warm, sun-drenched little charmers. We caught up with him to find out more about his music and talk break dancing, beat battling and porn.

Dazed Digital: Tell us how you go about starting work on a new track. Is it quite spontaneous or do you prefer to work and rework each song a couple of times before you're happy with it?
I try not to do too much premeditated thinking beforehand. Most of the time I like to sit and jam on the keys for however long and get inspired by whatever it is I’m channelling. If I’m not feeling that, I'll program some drums then jam to that. I don’t like using the same formula for too long so I try to throw myself off with different workflows as often as I can... as long as it feels organic/natural. I feed off the sun and gain inspiration from wherever I’m taken. It’s everywhere.  

What's ...

... your secret talent?
Bboying and porn.

... your biggest fear?

Being all famous and stupid.

... the best gig you played?

Richmond, VA in 2010. Knowledge, Suzi Analogue, Sirfroderik, Ahnnu, Ohbliv and others ... the Cmilk fam brought us out from Philly. It was at this house that appeared to have been an elementary school at one point. Packed house, people were actually dancing and not giving a funk. Richmond remembers.

... and the worst?

It probably was so bad I blocked out the memory. I can’t think of one. Oh, actually it was when I used to do beat battles. That shit was corny as fuck.

... your favourite sound?

The bus, children on the bus, Fender Rhodes & hood conversations, all at once.

... a typical day like in the life of Mndsgn?

Every day’s different yooooooooooooooo.