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Anon Exclusive Mix

The new mysterious producer makes us an exclusive mix featuring Pariah, Nosaj Thing and Radiohead, as well as a video premiere of the 'Jungle Rag' single

Alongside a premiere of the new video for 'Jungle Rag' directed by Oliver Jennings, we meet the mysterious new producer making experimental electronic sounds dipping into trip hop beats and electro who goes by the name of 'Anon'.

What's special about me? Music-wise I play out my set with a full home made midi controller. Nothing on the market has enough knobs

His track Bite The Hand seamlessly fuses elements of jazz and electronica for lush laidback vibes, whilst Jungle Rag is a darker and more mechanical affair with heavy delays and bassy sounds. Alongside the video, we also get an exclusive mix from him, featuring the likes of Pariah, Nosaj Thing, and Machinedrum to Radiohead.


...special about you?
Music-wise I play out my set with a full home made midi controller. Nothing on the market has enough knobs.

...the story behind your name?
I have worked on various projects under other guises and sent this to some friends as an unnamed thing to gauge their reaction - anon seemed appropriate and it just stuck.

...your worst vice?
I'm addicted to the internet. I wish I could give it up but I'm hooked. I need to quit.

... your favourite sound?
At the moment walking on dry grass. I bought a field recorder and to get various percussion sounds, but I soon found london just all sounds the same, people swearing, sirens and traffic. So I went out to suffolk in the summer recording loads of sounds, walking on dry grass almost sounds like fire.

...your favourite website?
Got to be the BBC - and iplayer.

...your favourite label?
Warp - classic but I'd be lying if I said anything else.

...your worst fashion secret?
I have no fashion and it doesn't really bother me. I'd rather spend my money on music gear.

...are you listening to now?
Surgeon's 'Breaking the Frame' & Machinedrum 'Rooms'

How would you describe your work?
It draws on a range of genres, dub, hip hop, techno and more recent 2 step stuff with the focus being on melody and songs. It wasn't made for the dancefloor but as more of a headphone listen.

What's next?
Just got the live set together and this is my first foray into the public. I'm putting out a free download with a vid with the netlabel/blog Bad Panda and then the plan is getting the album out and heard by as many people as possible. In between hopefully a few live shows to get the word out there.


Video by Oliver Jennings

Don't Make The Good Girls Go Bad - Della Humphrey
Detroit Falls - Pariah
Fog - Nosaj Thing
Something Happened to Me - Anon
Rectify - Moodymann
Intermittent - Andy Stott
What Once Was - John Heckle
Peace of Mind - Claro Intellecto
She Died There - Machinedrum
It Ain't Me - Anon
Staircase - Radiohead