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Unicorn Kid

Oliver Sabin on the wonders of Wikipedia, playing Tekken and making music for "Gen-Z teens raised online"

Oliver Sabin, otherwise known as Unicorn Kid, is the producer, musician and composer who, back in 2007, found himself at the forefront of Chiptune – an obscure dance genre than mixes video-game sound chips. Moving between dance and electro genres to Happy Hardcore and various keyboard variants, Unicorn Kid fuses together an elegant array of graphic beats. He has since gone on to work on his own album and has created a lauded remix of ‘Phone Sex’ by Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes. Scared of online shopping and playing Counter Strike are just a few of the things the native Scot shared with Dazed Digital.


...special about you?

I guess that nobody else really makes music like mine.

...the story behind your name?

I was like 14 when I made it up, there's no real story I just thought it was cool at the time, it's lost all connection to 'unicorns' or 'kids' in my head now, it just kinda feels like my name, if that makes sense?

...your worst vice?

Playing Tekken instead of working.

... your favourite sound?

A one note 'ahh' vocal sample I sometimes play as a lead synth, I use in lots of my tracks, it kinda sounds like one of the girls from Perfume, I call it 'the baby'.

...your favourite website?

Wikipedia, I just read it for hours and hours. My favourite ones are conspiracy theory articles and the 'controversies' section on celebrity articles.

...your favourite label?

I'm a big fan of Acéphale Records, their output is flawless and the way they approach music as a whole is really refreshing. I also really like the UK trance label Anjunabeats, they put out some of the most emotional trance ever. Also love Hippos in Tanks, Fade to Mind, Marble.

...your worst fashion secret?

No secrets... I publish my life on Tumblr and Facebook so it'd be hard to have secrets, you learn from your mistakes I guess.

...are you listening to now?

I've been listening to a lot of hardstyle recently, Headhunterz is my favourite, he's taking those big Skrillex monster bass roars and commercial house supersaws and making pop hardstyle, it's really cool.

How would you describe your work?

Next world pop music for Gen-Z teens raised online.

What's next?

I'm recording the last couple bits for the album over the coming weeks and shooting videos for the next singles, I've been meaning to put an album out for almost three years but it always got delayed for whatever reason, it's good though, the album would have sucked if I'd put it out any time before now.