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EXCLUSIVE: Love Fever Mix

The duo known for their debauched secret parties in East London launch their new record label with the first stunning release from Bicep

Headed up by DJ duo Andy and Alex aka 'A&A', the East London-based Love Fever parties have over the last three years amassed fans in local lotharios and ladies alike simply, and rather rapidly, via word of mouth. Inviting down the likes of Jacques Renault, DJ Sprinkles, Larry Heard and Jimmy Edgar to play records, they've founded their name on intimate house party vibes and prided themselves on shifting the focus from worshipping big name DJs as with typical clubnights to a more communal - and loving, environment.

"[The secret to a good party] is playing music that induces people to go home with one another"

It was only inevitable for them now to launch their eponymous record label, with their first release from the much-loved production/DJ duo Bicep behind the Feel My Bicep blog. Besides finishing their first venture into erotic film, A&A will be hosting their next party this May Bank Holiday with returning guests, Brooklyn's Wolf + Lamb. In heated anticipation of the weekend, we have words with Alex Bradley of A&A about the future of Love Fever, alongside their mix...

Dazed Digital: How do you find and/or pick your artists? Is there something in common that will run through your signings or a certain 'sound' you’re looking for?
Love Fever: Yeah we have a sound at Love Fever that we want to get across in the music we put out. Romantic and sleazy are the kind of words people have described it as before and we are pretty happy with that! The first release by Bicep is a nod to the proper NY/Jersey house sound that we have always played at the disco, & the b-side's the kinda thing you might hear early morning or at the afterparty. We firmly see the label as contempory though, which will come through in the next couple releases with Citizen, Jimmy Edgar, Axel Boman and the like.

Artist-wise, we have a nice team in London who party with us and are into the right sound, but also get the aesthetic and sensuality too. Plus many of the guys that have played at the night like Wolf + Lamb and Larry Heard have been at us to do a label for a long time, so can expect some material from these kind of people in the months ahead as well as some A&A Mixes.

DD: After running successful parties, why did you decide to start a record label and how will they complement each other?
Alex Bradley: We just like doing different things and keep life interesting. We plan to be doing parties on the beach in Sardinia, getting into trouble in Brazil and jamming with our friends in New York and Berlin and the best way to do that is by touring the disco through a label.

DD: What's the secret to throwing a good party?
 Alex Bradley: Balloons, neon love hearts, glitter, girls that want to get laid, trannys, an element of illegality, the perfect space, gays on uppers, DJ topless, sweat, smoke, drama, red light, nice doormen, proper sound system, playing music that doesn't sound the same all night that induces people to go home with one another.

DD: What was the concept behind the erotic film you've made?
 Alex Bradley: We wanted to make something to show where we are headed, a softcore feeling. It came about from a chance encounter I had with a very talented director Age Salajoe at the Michelberger hotel lobby in Berlin. We were there playing at a mystery music weekend with the Wolf + Lamb crew and I got talking to her about doing an erotic short for the launch of the label. So we found a girl and made it happen. It will start to crop up online over the next month once we finish the score. We will do more, different girls with girls and guys with guys and girls, with our music. A concept album even. We will see.

DD: What are you listening in your own time? 
Alex Bradley: Have a listen to the first track in the mixtape, pretty much that and things that sound like that...

Love Fever x Black Atlantic with Wolf + Lamb: Bank Holiday Sunday BBQ and party, May 6th, 4pm - 3am: Private Hackney Location