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East London 2012: Blaise Bellville - Boiler Room

In the current issue of Dazed, we spoke to the founder of the online music show about the future of east London

In the current issue of Dazed & Confused, we asked 30 artists, curators and creatives to join the debate of whether 'East London is dead'. In the full interview here, we spoke to Blaise Bellville behind the cult online music show, Boiler Room known for live-streaming their nights featuring both established and upcoming musicians & DJs from all fields. Here, Bellville chats about his memories of the area as it continues to go through major social, cultural and economic changes over the recent years. 

Dazed Digital: Who are you and what do you do for a living?
Blaise Bellville: My name is Blaise Bellville and I run (online music-show) Boiler Room.

DD: Where in east London are you based? 
Blaise Bellville: Victoria Park Road, off Mare Street.

DD: What first attracted you to the area and how long have you been working here?
Blaise Bellville: West London was slowly shrinking my brain. I moved seven years ago.

DD: How has east London changed since you've been here?
Blaise Bellville: There are people walking around selling massages and mojitos on London Fields! 

DD: What is the most exciting part of your local creative community?
Blaise Bellville: I like the pressure most people feel under to be doing something. In general it makes for an interesting crowd.

DD: Has the area informed your creative work at all and if so, how?
Blaise Bellville: I guess there's an east London aesthetic which you see in Boiler Room, but ultimately we look at music globally, not what's on our doorstep.

DD: Is it possible to say ‘Silicon Roundabout’ aloud without laughing?
Blaise Bellville: Yes. I don't know what that is though.

DD: What's your favourite East End hangout?
Blaise Bellville: Any of the canals in the summer.

DD: Does anything annoy you about the area? If so, what? 
Blaise Bellville: People complaining about how much it's all changed.

DD: What are you going to do during the Olympics – stay or flee? Why?
Blaise Bellville: Start an ice-pop vending cartel across all Hackney parks, then flee.

DD: Is east London dead?
Blaise Bellville: Nope.

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Photo by Jamie Hawkesworth