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EXCLUSIVE: Software's Napolian Mix

Alongside a label feature in the current issue, one of the latest signings to land on Oneohtrix Point Never's experimental NY imprint makes us a stunning new mixtape of D'Angelo and Cassius

Named after a band on Klaus Schulze’s label Innovative Communications, Software founders Daniel “Oneohtrix Point Never” Lopatin and Joel “Airbird” Ford’s aim is to “establish a Stax-style label for electronic music”.

First up is the latest record from Megafortress, who makes noodly falsetto jams that Lopatin describes as “a by-product of his overall metamorphosis towards a secular spiritual dimension.” Wherever that may be, back here on Earth the songs glitter with the unnerving beauty of castrati on acid. This year’s releases also include “fantasy hip hop” from Napolian and the debut EP from Harmonizer, whose ambient vibings sound like denizens of The Crystal Maze trying to figure out who killed Laura Palmer.

Software also puts out the zine Cool Drool, “to expose folks to more or less obscure artists whose work should be noticed, as well as being a fundraiser for the International Red Cross.” Musical and social philanthropy? Are there any bases they don’t have locked down? “We just hope to continue keeping it real”, says Ford. “Can’t rep something hard unless you truly believe it.”  

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D'Angelo - Devil's Pie
Clark Kent - Sky's The Limit
Cassius - 99
Z-Ro - These Day's
Dilla - The Light
2Pac - Do For Love
Pete Rock - The World Is Yours
Dilla - Runnin'
Dilla - The Apartment
Scarface - My Block
0PN - Up (Napolian Remix)
Slava - I've Got Feelings Too
Garfield - Dream's Essence
Chambray Cartel - ???
Carlos Giffoni - Evidence (Napolian Remix)
Napolian - Escobar