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The melodic five-piece speak to us about their new single Doubt on Sons-of-Stereo and latest musical loves

Having first attracted attention for their early DIY releases, British five-piece, Safari, making infectiously melodic songs influenced by post-punk sounds and bands like Talk Talk have come a long way. Having just released their new AA-side single ‘Doubt’ and ‘Are We Ready’ on Sons-of-Stereo, they speak to us about their worst vices and current musical loves...


...your secret talent?
Our drummer Sim once placed second in a UK Barista competition - Boy makes a mean flat white!

...your worst vice?
High stakes poker. Any hold ups at shows, the studio or even slow moving traffic - out come the chips.

...the story behind your name?
We would love to say that it all comes from the Swahilli translation of "Journey"... and that at the time of choosing we were on a journey of self exploration ourselves. But truthfully we just liked the sound of the word, and its the perfect excuse to indulge in some leopard print from time to time.

... your favourite sound?
What an individual sound?... The saxophone on the end of our single "Are we Ready"...? But if you mean musical style then we all enjoy anything electronic...beat heavy...with solid bass lines.

...your worst fashion secret?
Probably the aforementioned leopard print.

...your favourite website? many an hour wasted here.

...your favourite label?
DFA... (LCD Soundsystem RIP) or maybe Warp. the top of your hit/shit list?
Hit = Decibels - "The Lesser"... latest single from some friends of ours. Shit = Olly Murs "Generic song title"... He gave us 7/10 on a review for our last single... not bad but Andrew WK gave us 10... Thus Murs is a shit (True Story)

...are you listening to now?
Post War Years - The Black Morning

How would you describe your work?
Drawing on the opinion of others, I would describe us as alternative electronic indie dance rock. But to squeeze some words in a hole fit for pigeons... we will settle for Alternative Dance...?

What are you most excited about next?
Our new double AA single 'doubt/are we ready' was released end of February! But we have been writing a lot of new material recently... and with some shows in London coming up, we really want to let some noise escape the studio... come check it out yeah? cool, see you there.