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Gonjasufi Recommends

The wonderfully eclectic and eccentric electronic producer cum yoga teacher gives us his recommendations ahead of his new album out on Warp

The experimental electronica of Gonjasufi has never been made for safe listening. His debut, 'A Sufi and a Killer' was raw, uncompromising, not the kind of comfort hip hop of, say, a modern day Snoop. His eclectic infusion of Oriental and Middle Eastern sounds only serve to add to the dynamism and psychedelia already on show, no surprise then that Flying Lotus and Gaslamp Killer were involved in the record’s production. Now, with a catalogue of releases on Warp firmly behind him, he has embarked on his next venture, 'MU.ZZ.LE', which will no doubt showcase another smoked out and spiritual exploration into the recesses of a fascinating and bizarre psyche. Quite something for someone whose day job is teaching yoga.

Can you recommend...

... three musical acts?
Crime Killz, Zakee and Hezus.

... a label?
Warp... and my own - Air.

... a TV show?
You Can't Do That on Television

... a book?
The Book of Enoch

... a radio show?
Coast to Coast AM

... a song everyone should hear?
Miles Davis - Pharaoh's Dance

... something to do on a day off?
Smoke weed, make beats, make love

... a place in the world?
The inner depths of my pinneal gland

... a motto to live by?
Um, this is the hardest interview ever - fuck. 'Fuck 'em.'

... greatest advice you've heard?
Nobody gets out alive.

... a place to go before you die?

... a drink of choice?
Water, straight up.