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The UK-based electronic act apply their dark glitchy bass to remixes for Ninja Tune artists and the likes of vocalist Emily Barker after their On The Shelf release

Drawing on influences from London, Bristol and Birmingham’s music scene, and currently operating out of Liverpool, Capac produce tracks that shift between heavy doses of dark, glitchy base and more gentle, atmospheric electronica. Having released their first full length EP, 'Pastels', last year with On The Shelf Records, Capac have since gone on to produce a number of brilliant remixes for the likes of Spokes (Ninja Tune), Sun Drums and more recently Emily Barker (Everyone Sang).

Though work on their next album is still on-going, their more recent productions draw on much stronger elements of minimal house, stripping back their hazy, multi-layered soundscapes to a series of clean, repeated beats and clicks, interspersed with samples of Kate Smith’s softly echoing vocals. To get a little more insight into just how they work we caught up with Josh, Stu and Gary to talk cheese rolling, Mr Capac Tees and Flintstone theme tunes.


...your secret talent?
Josh can play the theme to the Flintstones on his teeth.

...your worst vice?
Deliciously packaged vinyl.

…the story behind your name?
Our friend ran a T-Shirt company called Mr.Capac. The tees were lovely, he was in love with one of our untitled tracks so we called it "Capac". Then we decided that was a better name for ourselves and the track became something which describes the word "Capac"…. "Palindrome".

... your favourite sound?
An upright bass because it sounds so smooth and sexy and pure.

...your worst fashion secret?
Not so much fashion, more for the sake of practicality; changing t-shirt three times a day.

...your favourite website?
SoundCloud. No need to elaborate on that really.

...the best thing about where you're from?
The cheese-rolling event at Cooper's Hill. People literally throw themselves down what must be one of the steepest hills in the country after a big wheel of cheese. The first one down wins the cheese… and pride. the top of your shit list?
Bands that are great on record and then appalling in a live setting, or they sound good live but do nothing whatsoever on stage other than fake turning a couple of knobs to look like they're doing something.

...are you listening to now?
The sound of a fingers tapping on a keyboard, mingled with Ben Frost's By The Throat. More generally though, Eliane Radigue, Andy Stott, Pharaoh Sanders, the new Nedry album, and Erik Satie.

How would you describe your work?
No idea... it's pretty impossible to describe something when you're so involved with it, so instead we'll just quote Negative Narrative "A rich and glitchy tapestry of ambient textures and dirty fuzz".