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Seekae Exclusive Mix

Produced by the Australian electronic trio behind the acclaimed '+Dome' album, this mix features James Blake, Lukid and Calexico

Sydney-based trio, Seekae fuse 8-bit sounds against a background of lush electronica in their new album '+Dome'. Blending their live instrumentation with samples collected over two years of performing and writing together, the LP is a collection of tracks filled with elements from IDM, hip hop, indie-pop and post-rock fused into organic electronica. Despite being predominantly experimental, +Dome also attempts to retain the warm, melodic sound they've been known for. Here they make us an exclusive mix featuring the likes of Shlohmo, James Blake and Lukid.

...your secret talent?


  ...your worst vice?
Video Games

…the story behind your name?
Video Games, Copyright, Phonetic Acronyms. We used to be called Commander Keen, but decided to avoid any legal trouble and spell out the first two letters. We also do lots of Cocaine and Ketamine.

... your favourite sound?
Amateur Church Bells

  ...your greatest influence?

...your worst fashion secret?
Cologne - We all wear the same one.

...your favourite website?

...the best thing about where you're from?
Getting in the greenroom down at Tamarama for some one on one with a 6 foot lefty. the top of your shit list?

...are you listening to now?
Mosca - Bax
How would you describe your work?
Ghetto Ambience

Untitled 2 - Calexico
Redlight (Clark Remix) - Massive Attack
Reset Head - Seekae
Places - Shlohmo
Trilla G - jonwayne
Cbat - Hudson Mohawke
Sometimes - Samiyam
Spitting Bile - Lukid
Flatbeat - Mr Oizo
With A Little Bit Of Luck - DJ Luck & MC Neat
Sir - Seekae
Timekeeper - Clouds
I'll Stay - James Blake
Face Facts - Seekae
And Unrequited Aswell - Kettel
Altise Lament - Seekae
De Usuahia a la Quiaca - Gustavo Santaolalla

Seekae+Dome, Album out 13th December 2011 on Rice Is Nice / Popfrenzy Records