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L-Vis 1990 – Feel the Void (Paul Woolford remix)

Exclusive: Stream a twisted new remix from the Night Slugs producer, plus a new interview with the label heads

Kicking off this Friday 2nd December in London's East Village, head honchos Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 of cult UK electronic label, Night Slugs, will be playing a series of back to back sets as the end of the year is nigh. After recently releasing Kingdom's latest EP 'Dreama' on their label, as well as boasting a back catalogue of consistently heavy releases from Jam City, Girl Unit, and Pearson Sound, we're expecting big things from the pair to come. Laughing in the face of bathroom breaks, the tag-teaming duo will be showcasing their distinctive bass sounds and taking us on an unforgettable journey via their five hour sets. Exclusively on Dazed, download the Paul Woolford remix of L-Vis 1990's 'Feel The Void' taken from his album, 'Neon Dreams' HERE.

Dazed Digital: How are you going to prep yourselves for your 5 hour set? Is the 'b2b' set-up handy to allow for bathroom breaks?
Night Slugs:
A good dinner and a few drinks. That's really all the prep we need! That open-endedness of this is part of the fun: we don’t know what’s gonna happen apart from the general understanding that the tempo will increase gradually throughout the night. And yeah b2b is v. handy for toilet breaks! But also to have a mini-regroup, survey the dancefloor before you go back in.
DD: What is your biggest pet peeve when DJing?
Bok Bok:
When people come and show me their phone with a request on it. It's ok if it's a really good request but most often it's obvious big tracks we've put out! I might take the phone off them and pocket it for a bit. I'd give it back eventually. When I first started going to see DJs I loved I'd never dared to have done that.
L-Vis 1990: This really is a constant annoyance as its usually in the middle of a mix! Some kid in Nottingham last year requested Katy B "On a Mission" and some Magnetic Man, he refused to believe I didn't have them and started arguing with me. I then got spat at from the crowd! Charming.
DD: If in doubt, play ______?
Bok Bok: MIKEQ!!!! Pulse X!!! Or a Lil Silva classic.
L-Vis 1990: Or any Booty Bass anthem!

DD: Have you discovered/accidentally made any favourite new sounds to use in your own productions at the moment?
Bok Bok: I'm always searching. I've been all about my Korg Triton this year. I'm kinda late on it but nobody is really using them anymore.  
L-Vis 1990: I just picked up a Korg Monotribe, an amazing little analogue ribbon synthesizer and drum machine all in one. It has the legendary MS20 filter that Daft Punk actually used on every track on "Homework" but I discovered by linking it one of my other drum machines you can create some really insane sounds and rhythms.   
DD: The new Kingdom EP on your label a stunner, do you feel the label is moving in a new direction since it first started or does it always vary release to release?
Bok Bok: It's developing now just as it started out: totally organically. The releases are all different and really have their own character but there are some common threads across all of them that define us as a label.
L-Vis 1990: We are constantly moving in a new direction, If you stay still the music becomes stagnant. Each of our artists are developing and evolving as are we. The direction we take is whatever comes naturally it is not contrived. 
DD: Who/what are you listening right now?
Bok Bok: Beyonce. Chris Carter. And also a bit of a Stinkworx revival
L-Vis 1990: D'Angelo "Voodoo". Laurent Garnier "Unreasonable Behaviour" and Balba & His Orchestra amazing Indian disco I just discovered!
DD: What is the first thing you'll be doing the morning after?
Bok Bok: What's a morning?
L-Vis 1990: I'll be going to the airport!