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ZZK Records

The head of the Buenos Aires bass label speaks to us about South American rhythms and futuristic bass bombs

Grant C. Dull aka El G heads up ZZK Records, the most exciting label to emerge from Buenos Aires’s bass-quaking club music scene, freaking and experimenting with South American rhythms, from old world traditional to futuristic bass bombs. Born out of their weekly Zizek Club, the rapidly expanding crew all share a hunger for getting on the road and spreading their gospel.

From the psychedelic cumbia of Fauna to the experimental beats of Chancha Via Circuito, the hard hitting hypnotics of El Remolon, King Coya, Tremor, the theatrical Frikstailers, newcomer Mati Zundel, the first lady of ZZK - La Yegros, and the label’s latest signings, brothers Ignacio and Luciano Brasolin aka Super Guachin. ZZK will be releasing Super Guachin’s new EP “Piratas Y Fichines” this December, coinciding with their highly charged live European invasion.

Dazed Digital: Can you introduce Super Guachin?
Grant C. Dull:
They’re the newest kids on the ZZK label. Same story, different drum beat. We first got wind of these guys through Soundcloud and when we heard the tracks we were quite blown away. Then we booked them on the main stage at Zizek Club last year and really dug their live show. Little did we know it was actually the first time they played live as Super Guachin. They jumped on the big stage and tore it up like they’d been doing it for years.

DD: What were the early Zizek Club days like?
Grant C. Dull:
Spontaneous 5am soundsystems, Pablo Lescano (regarded as the creator of Cumbia Villera) asking to play keyboards during one of El Remolon’s performances, real raw experimental stuff. Nights where genres were born, where collaborations would lead to studio time for albums, where stars were born - Douster’s first Zizek night was a premonition for big things to come, the next show we booked him for was Coachella. 

DD: How would you describe the music scene in Buenos Aires right now?
Grant C. Dull:
The music scene in Buenos Aires is popping. It’s a very musical city that breeds a lot of hungry, hard working musicians to push each other. There’s punk, rockabilly, queer, every kind of electronic, jazz, folk, indie rock, fusions between all worlds. A lot of indy labels and collectives pushing the scene and the artists like Estamos Felices, Sadness, Mamushka Dogs, Undertones, Triple rrr Discos, Laptra, Sonido Ambiente.  

DD: Can you tell us about ZZK TV?
Grant C. Dull:
On our second European tour of this year we brought along the lovely Mariela Bond, director of ZZK TV to film the second season. ZZK TV is one of my favourite projects on the label. It builds on the power of the internet and breaks down geographical restrictions and gets the ZZK crew on your computer, in your home, in your office, with all the excitement, energy and swagger that ZZK has.

DD: What’s next?
Grant C. Dull:
We’re putting together a huge mixtape and compilation called “Whats Up Buenos Aires” to help inspire music fans to dig deeper into the kinds of sounds we’re creating. And to also showcase older music that influenced all the ZZK artists back in the day. Next year is going to be a really big year for ZZK.  Albums by Mati Zundel, Frikstailers, La Yegros, El Remolon, Tremor… I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Super Guachin European Tour: December 1 @ World Tronics, House of World Culture, Berlin, Germany, December 2 @ Sodra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden, December 3 @ El Baile, Hamburg, Germany, December 5 @ TropiCanna Barcelona, La Maria Club, Barcelona, Spain, December 7 @ No Globe Club, Edinburgh, Scotland, December 8 @ Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium