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Dazed x River Island

Ahead of two events in Glasgow and Bristol, we chat to headliner Rustie and give away tickets to the events

With Christmas rearing its tinsel laden head, Dazed has decided it’s officially party season, so what better way to kick it off than by teaming up with high-street clothing store River Island to put on two very special events. Taking place first on November 23 in Bristol at Basement 45 and then in Glasgow at SWG3 on December 1, the parties will play host to a range of music and DJ talent, including some local acts too. Currently booked to play is Rustie, Nightwave, The Kelly Twins, Javeon McCarthy (just signed to PMR Records), and a live VJ set from Konx-om-pax (who recently created the artwork for Rustie's 'Bad Science' LP and Hudson Mohawkes 'Joy Fantastic'), Simply Richard from Numbers with the possibility of even more acts. 

The night is not just about sound though, with artist Margot Bowman (who’s worked with Topshop as well as AnOther Magazine) tending to the aesthetics of the evening by creating brand new artwork for the party nights. We caught up with Glaswegian producer Rustie, who’s playing at both venues, to see how he’s feeling about performing at these exclusive shows, and what he feels is the reason behind the growing buzz surrounding the underground Glasgow electronic/bass scene at the moment. The venues only hold a limted guest list but Dazed is giving away 20 tickets for each party - click HERE to find out how you can attend...

Dazed Digital: So you’re currently on three record labels at once, how are you able to do this? How did the situation come about?
Yeah, I've released on a few different labels but all apart from warp have just been friendly agreements, no contracts or anything. Lots of artists release on multiple labels though, it's very common in underground music.

DD: You’ve been doing the rounds on the Glasgow scene for a while now, why the relocation to London? How are you finding being in a new city?
I moved because I felt like a bit of a change and to be near Heathrow saves two extra flights when gigging abroad, but I miss Glasgow a lot, I might move back up.

DD: There’s been a growing buzz surrounding the Glasgow electronic/bass club scene recently, why do you think that is? Do you feel that area of the UK is often neglected in terms recognizing new talent?
Obviously it's because of myself haha, but yeah and Hudmo and the rest of Luckyme and Numbers crew are just putting in work and showing how we do things. We're all very passionate about music, but aren't music snobs, we know what we like and don't worry what people think. I don't think we've been neglected, there's been a lot of very dull music coming from Scotland but I think we've inspired a lot of people up here and hopefully it will continue to thrive.

DD: Your debut album, ‘Glass Swords’ was released last month, what’s been the reaction to it?
It's been amazing, from the critics, fans and DJs. I'm very surprised, I was expecting a lot more people to properly hate it. I'm almost a little disappointed haha.

DD: What was your process when making the record?
Many hours, days, months of work at my computer, at my keyboard, turning night into day.

DD: How are you feeling about the upcoming Dazed x River Island parties coming up? How do you think they’ll compare to other shows you’ve done?
I'm really looking forward to them, last time I played in Glasgow was my album launch and it was the best gig of my life, the crowd were so hyped. I love the Bristol crowd too they're always nice and lively as well.

To find out how you could win yourself some exclusive tickets to the Dazed x River Island parties click HERE