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Sunless '97

We speak to the London-based musical trio on Warp about crafting hazy electronica beats, their fave websites and love of Moschino

London-based trio Alice, Ed and Matt make up the somewhat confusingly named Sunless ’97 - confusing only because they produce wonderfully dreamy, sun-drenched electronica, awash with mellow lurching synths and softly echoing harmonies. 'Illuminations' opens their first full length EP with a chorus of distorted vocals before slipping into a much more percussion heavy repeat, whilst 'Wicked Gravity' draws you slowly through a thick electronic fog broken only by Alice’s solo, gradually ending with a gently lurching fade. Produced by Kwes of Warp Records, the trio’s first EP has a trademark chill-wave feel to it, but with a uniquely atmospheric quality. We caught up with them to find out more about mullets, Justin Beiber and popping corks.

...your worst vice?
Alice: all the drinks...
Edward: Vodka and the internet, together. 

…the story behind your name?
Edward: Chris marker film plus an eventful year in the 90's

... your favourite sound?
Popping corks, the Marimba.
Alice: Some kind of whizzing with a crackle at the end.

...your worst fashion secret?
Something very close to a mullet and some massive cyber goth platform shoes.
Edward: Matching Moschino.
Matt: Where do I start? 

...your favourite website?
Alice: just sold my first item, a Moog Voyager synth to Peter from the Netherlands. Hey Pete!
Edward: love

... the world coming to?
A halt
Alice: It's all good, we are currently practicing universal love and acceptance.

...the best thing about where you're from?
The pond.
Alice: It's far away, but also, like, close to things.
Edward: My flat. the top of your shit list?
Never trust someone who doesn't like dogs.
Edward: Universal hate and lack of acceptance.

...are you listening to now?
Today I have listened to Grimes, The Shaggs, Dominant Legs, Ethiopiques vol.1, Justin Bieber, Twin Shadow, Ariel Pink...
Edward: This week mostly Brian Eno's "Another Day on Earth" album , Clams Casino, Felt. 

How would you describe your work?
Sad happiness.