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Champion Exclusive Mix

We speak to the Grime and UK Funky-influenced producer about his new label, Formula, alongside his exclusive mix for us

Descending into underground of UK Funky, for his exclusive Dazed mix, DJ Champion, a self confessed ‘bassline freak’ spins in a selection of raw and rugged rhythm from his own productions to new releases from artists on his label Formula. For those already down with Champion production’s Lighter EP will be a familiar weapon of choice, with heaps decent air time on 1xtra and in Alex Bok Bok, Ben UFO and Roska sets. In fact the king of funky was so hooked to what he heard he signed Champion to his Kicks & Snares label, a collaboration which needless to say will see many releases in the near future. What really makes Champion’s EP’s work though is that even Grime DJs, usually averse to the Fruity Loops sound, will play his records, again and again. So to those unfamiliar prepare yourself for a muscular percussion section, with seductive stripped back drums and a ‘good gracious bodacious’ 130BPM bass line. 

Dazed Digital: You’ve set up your own label, Formula, how it going?  
Champion: Its nice! It’s a lot at times trying to keep everything on track but it feels good to have my own platform.

DD: What labels did you want to be signed to when you first started producing?
If I’m honest there wasn’t much around for my type of music when I started but as time went on - probably Hyperdub.

DD: You’re sound has been called ‘early Roska’ and ‘earlyBenga’ what do you make of that?  
That’s crazy because I never actually listened to any of there early work! Just shows that our influences are all similar, either that or the fact we all use Fruity Loop studio for pre production!

DD: Is there a specific sound you’re going to go for with Formula?
Kind of, to sum it up, I just want to represent the true sound of the underground which doesn’t exactly narrow it down to one particular sound.

DD: Any new talent you’ve scouted out?
Yeah I've found a few guys with some heavy tracks already! I'll be playing there tunes so look out for them!

DD: How did you choose the tracks for this mix? 
I almost done this mix like a formula records showcase with the odd personal favourites in there!

DD: What can we expect in the future, word on the street is you’ve got a new EP coming out?
Yes, two actually. I have my track with Ruby Lee Ryder (Sensitivity) coming out on the 21st of November on Formula which also includes a cheeky instrumental from me on the flip. The second one is the Rainforest EP coming out on the 5th of December on Roska's label which includes three fairly new instrumentals.


Princess Nyah - Crazy (Champion Dub) - CDR
Champion - Lighter VIP - Formula
Funkystepz - Trouble - Hyperdub
Notion - Watch Here - Formula
Champion - War Dance - RKS
Notion - Untitled - Formula
S-Tee - Crunk VIP - Formula
Ill Blu - Meltdown - Numbers
Roska - Jackpot - Rinse
Champion & Ruby Lee Ryder - Sensitivity - Formula
Champion - Selectah - RKS
Champion - Tun Up Di Bass - Formula
Platnum - Signals (Champion's Gassed Up Mix) - AATW
Funkystepz - Shocker - F.L.Y
Champion - Lose Control - Hardrive
Serious - Ghost - Formula
Mosca - Bax - Numbers
TRC - Oo Aa Ee (Royal-T's I <3 Garage 130 Mix) - Butterz
Terror Danjah & Ruby Lee Ryder - Full Attention - Hardrive
Terror Danjah & D.O.K - Morph 2 - Hyperdub