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B Bravo

We speak to the West Coast 'future funk' producer as he releases his new EP on the inimitable Earnest Endeavours label

Known as one of the 'driving forces of the West Coast Modern Funk Movement', San Francisco-based producer and multi-instrumentalist B. Bravo aka Adam Mori, built up his reputation as a member of the live funk 10-piece The Bayonics. His own productions are a strain of 'future funk' and synthy jams heavy in bass and catchy grooves making waves, having first arrived as a member of Paul Salva’s Frite Nite crew. Since then he's been invited to the Red Bull Music Academy before headlining their stage at Sonar 2011, and his new EP arrives as the first official release for the London-based Earnest Endeavours, known for their parties with the likes of Patchwork Pirates and Darkhouse Fam. Here we have words about what he's been up to and his favourite sounds of the moment...


...your secret talent?
Improvising in the kitchen on the late-night. Coming up with things like the deep fried bacon sandwich... woo! 

...your worst vice?
Tobacco or MSG

…the story behind your name?
I was playing with my band Bayonics back in the day at a gig and took a solo. Someone in the crowd yelled out Bravo! Our singer said 'yes, Bravo, Buddy! From then on, I was known by all the guys in the band as Buddy Bravo. Its morphed into many forms over time like B-Dude, Buddy B, B-Bravs, Brav-Boogie. Lots of B's and Dudes and Buddys haha.

... your favourite sound?
Electric bass doing a 'Bomba' slide. That's the best thing ever. Also the floating synth from Marvin Gaye's 'After the Dance' Instrumental version or the synth from Summer Madness.

...your worst fashion secret?
Non-designer sunglasses

...your favourite website? - They keep it really current and have a true passion for exposing soulful music.

... good for breakfast?
At home, bacon and waffles, fresh juice. If you come to SF, go to Sunday brunch at Farmer Brown. Fried Chicken, biscuits, gravy oh my!

...the best thing about where you're from?
The sunset on the Pacific Ocean. There's nothing like it. the top of your shit list?
Impatient people at the airport and horn honkers.

...are you listening to now?
NapiHeds - The Bah. Found this record in Detroit and can't get enough!

How would you describe your work?
I would say its colourful, organic, sensual. It's from the heart. I want to make stuff that no one's ever done before. I think that's how you really make a mark.