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Photos by Emma Phillipson


The producer has recently released his first full-length LP 'Unity', here he talks to Dazed about his work and his favourite sound

Following the release of his debut ‘Mermaid EP’ earlier this year, Damu has received the backing of Keysound Recordings who will release the young producer’s first full-length LP, ‘Unity’. With a penchant for twinkling atmospherics, Damu possesses the coveted skill of transporting the listener to an otherworldly dancefloor that is coloured with fragile yet pristinely cut up samples and drum machines.

We are treated to a wide assortment of eclectic genres from synth-driven techno to garage to 2-step, the kind that in vogue producers Jam City and XXXY are also championing. Damu’s swinging house aesthetic has already garnered support and gratification from the likes of Sinden, Brodinski, SBTRKT, Girl Unit, and notably Mary-Anne Hobbs who has dubbed Damu, “an extraordinary young producer". High praise then, for a producer who clearly still has a lot to offer.

...your secret talent?

 I can play a guitar solo behind my head. Or I could last time I checked.

...your worst vice?

 I just love the taste of rusty brown's ring donuts.

…the story behind your name?

One of my mate's had a little cousin, this cousin had a teddy bear called Sam. Being only a couple of years old however, the kid couldn't say Sam and it came out like Damu. I met this little kid one day and the rest is history.

... your favourite sound?

Pretty hard question, so out of every sound there is the one i really couldn't do without has got to be silence. I need to sleep in a silent, pitch black room, unless there's Tim Hecker playing, which there can't always be.

...your worst fashion secret?

I've got loads of weird old bits and bobs from second hand stores but I've been seen in tie-dye t-shirts occasionally. It wasn't really a secret though, there were thousands of people everywhere.

...your favourite website?

I really like the section of the AM Laboratory website with the Tone Matrix and the Pulse synthesizers on them. I've sampled them before for songs.

...the best thing about where you're from?

Well, I'm originally from the countryside so I think the best thing is just the peace, quiet and general serenity of the natural world. You never really get tired of that. the top of your shit list?


...are you listening to now?

The last album I listened to was Unto the Locust by Machinehead, I'm listening to the dulcet tones of Karl Pilkington at the moment.

How would you describe your work?

It's a mixture of grime, house, garage, footwork and all the other music I listen to but in more of a song structure than tracks. I usually just say R'n'B when people ask.

How has your sound changed since you first started producing to now?
It takes me a lot longer to finish a song than it used to because now I tend to be able to get the idea for a whole song in my head before I start. When I first started out I was making all kinds of crazy sounds. It's been a fairly rapid process of refining my sound and working out what works best for me.