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The Dø

Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy release 'Both Ways Open Jaws', another dose of their infectious folktronica indie pop

The folktronica indie pop duo, The Dø, are back with the worldwide release of 'Both Ways Open Jaws'. Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy started their career together during the writing of the soundtrack for Jean Reno's French super-production “Empire of the Wolves.” Since then, they haven’t stopped writing music together. Olivia Merilahti is originally from Finland and she studied classical music in Helsinki. Their first LP “A Mouthful” gave them in France the greatest success of an indie band singing in English.

Now, with the new album the possibilities are open for the band, which join the trail of new indie acts such as Niki and the Dove, Austra or Masquer. Nevertheless they are more multi-instrumentalist-orientated; orchestrated background compositions, elongated guitar chords and Olivia’s tender voice's steadily melting over the acoustic sounds, like snow under the Arctic sunlight. The new album is ready to carry the band towards new atmospheres to let themselves to explore as far as they dare. And curiously, "Dø" in Scandinavian (Swedish-Norwegian-Danish) means “Die”.

Dazed Digital: What’s your secret talent?
Olivia Merilahti: I'm quite good at badminton!
Dan Levy: I'm a ventriloquist

DD: What’s your worst vice?
Olivia Merilahti: Red Bull, French fries and ketchup
Dan Levy: Happy finish

DD: What’s the story behind your name?
Olivia Merilahti: It's a note on the standard musical scale and initials for Dan & Olivia, David & Olga or Dolly & Omer.

DD: What’s your favorite sound?
Olivia Merilahti: Garden sprinklers
Dan Levy: Storm in a microphone

DD: What’s your worst fashion secret?
Olivia Merilahti: Flip-flops and socks

DD: What’s your favorite website?
Olivia Merilahti:
Dan Levy:

DD: What’s good for breakfast?
Dan Levy: Soundcheck
Olivia Merilahti: Milkshake