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Telepathe: Carbon Logic

We catch up with the synth-pop duo to talk about the Carbon Logic Project and how they approach their work

Synth-pop duo Telepathe - made up of Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais - are Brooklyn's prime example of a self-made band done good. Their 2009 debut album,  ‘Dance Mother’ was produced by TV on the Radio's David Sitek and had fresh written all over it. They’ve continued to seek out new ways of interpreting that very large umbrella of pop and as self confessed music download addicts, have absorbed a range of music has lead to a natural talent for writing catchy hooks and innovative takes on the 'remix'.

Most recently they’ve collaborated with Carbon Logic - an online music network for musicians to present and promote their work - to curate the site’s latest compilation, Cycle#10: 12 tracks selected by Busy and Melissa from across the site, to be released on 12” vinyl. As part of the project, the girls were asked to remix one of the chosen tracks and went for ‘What Is Love’ by New Orleans’ hip hop artist AZitiZ. The track now has the Telepathe touch and we predict it’ll be nothing short of addictive. We spoke to the girls to ask them about the Carbon Logic project and their much awaited second album... 

Dazed Digital: How did the collaboration with Carbon Logic come about?
They contacted us, asking us would we curate their new cycle and remix the track we liked the best.

DD: Carbon Logic is constantly promoting new music, streaming the latest underground tracks and generally providing fresh sounds. With so much music to choose from, how did you narrow down your selection for the Cycle record you curated?
Telepathe: There were so many good tracks to choose from. It was hard to narrow it down to just one. In the end we chose the song that captivated us the most and at the same time we felt like it would be fun to remix. We also liked it because it sounded far away from what we do.

DD: You're pretty well known for your remixes. For the record, you were allowed to choose one track to remix - why AZitZ's 'What Is love' -  and how do you approach the re-working of it?
Telepathe: We start with a clear sense of what we want to do with a remix, but it always inevitably evolves slightly during the process. AZitZ's 'What Is Love' stuck out to us.  It has a throw-back, classic hip-hop vibe to it (which we love), so we wanted to give it a whirl.  

DD: What is in store for Telepathe for the rest of the year? Any new tracks coming our way?
Telepathe: We just completed our 2nd album! We're very excited about it.  We hopped all the way over to the English countryside to work with legendary mixer and engineer, Ken Thomas. Expect it out early 2012 via V2 records. It's gonna blow minds.