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Exclusive LIL INTERNET Mix

The New York-based producer/DJ/video director/you-name-it tells us all about his bizarro one-off concept mix shaped around DMX acapellas

Making us an ambient 'concept mix' solely consisting of DMX 'prayer' acapellas layered with not that much else, Brooklyn's Lil Internet aka Red Foxx aka SLUTTT aka GodWIFI is one of our favourite musical mentalists. Who else can create such amazing outlandish artwork to make us LOL and take on so many monikers as to majorly confuse us IRL. The producer, DJ, senior creative at, and video director for the likes of Robyn, Mad Decent, Fools Gold and U2(?), Lil Internet's standout track 'Britney Spears Illuminati Glitch' was a terrifying onslaught of electronic WTF. Here he speaks to us about what's good in his hometown, his genuine love of DMX and the joys of Wikipedia...

About the mix...
"This is a concept ambient mix about DMX... DMX is really crazy. His rap sheet (I mean, raps and criminal record) is insane. This is a guy who had five albums debut at Number 1 in a row, at the time the only artist to have an entire catalog debut at #1. But his lyrics were extremely violent even for rap. I mean this dude was dark, extremely troubled... bipolar, drug abuse, everything. And on every album he'd pray acapella (except the 5th prayer it was over a beat... wack!) And as extremely violent as his lyrics were for rap, I feel like the "Prayers" were extremely intimate for rap... No posturing and stunting it was a real cry for help and a real communication to God. But the first prayer was just labelled as a "skit." How could you immediately sabotage the brevity of this prayer by making it a "skit?" I felt that these prayers should be in a more sombre context.

So I mixed them over some of my favourite haunting ambient / drone / experimental tracks and processed the vocals. As you get further into the prayers though, I have them decay and more and more, kind of an aural analogy to his descent into madness. Except for the last prayer because that one isn't officially released yet. I've been reading about sound magic and sampling as a magical act so I didn't want to affect the future. So I left it dry. Anyways this is a deep mix, it takes patience so don't just put it on unless you want to kind of meditate on it or have it in the background while you stare at the ceiling." 


...your secret talent?
I'm a really good marksman. Shooting guns is actually a really zen activity. You have to pull the trigger without anticipation of the result. You hit the target best when you have entirely let go and do not expect the BANG! Kind of like willing things or magickal workings. Lust of result will prevent you from hitting the target.

...your worst vice?

I've got plenty. Grossest one is I want to start breastfeeding again. I get mad that my girlfriend isn't lactating. But it would be even worse if she was. I have too many vices to have kids thats for damn sure. It's crazy though I did so well in school and have worked non-stop and never lost a job since I was 14... I'm pretty good at being out of control.

…the story behind your name(s)? Are they alter-egos or mere monikers to separate your work?
When I started my Twitter it was the old names of my two previous projects - Red Foxx and SLUTTT. Both started as kind of tongue and cheek alter egos that unexpectedly gained fans. I got bored though - also it's hard being two people, PLUS yourself - so I changed it to TropicalWifi (I really want to live on a beach with good wifi!) then it was GodWIFI and then I thought of Lil Internet some night in a particularly lulzy state of mind. It wasn't taken. Couldn't believe it.

Nobody had it on all of the internet. I wanted to make a new kind of music anyways so I became Lil Internet. This one's the least alter ego to me... Closest to the true "I." I still unabashedly change and warp my identity constantly though, even IRL. Confusion is the only constant.  That's how I really sum up myself and where culture is going in the future.

... your favourite sound?
THE SUPERSAW by far. It's the synth sound of every melody in every big trance, hardstyle, or Top 40 club banger.  It might be the most recognizable musical sound in the world at this point. It's synthetic, huge, euphoric, global.  

...your worst fashion secret?

I left a pair of Air Jordan 3's on my windowsill to dry out because they smelled bad but then I forgot about them and they got rained on for weeks and now they smell even worse. I found them in a basement and there was rat poison in them but I wore them anyways.

...your favourite website?

Wikipedia! I tell people I've read all of Wikipedia and the less net-saavy actually have believed me. "How do you know about so much stuff?" "Oh I've read all of Wikipedia." "Really? Wow!"

... good for breakfast?

Plain greek yoghurt with maple syrup, frozen blueberries, ground flax. I eat really healthy to make up for all of the other ways I abuse my body which has nothing to do with partying at all really guys, I just like, totally work out too much you know, totally not lying I live for the gym and stuff.  

...the best thing about where you're from?

Norfolk, VA!! I eat crab nonstop when I'm there. So many crabcakes. Beaches. Driving around with bass in the trunk.  Alot of really talented people too. And the Fair Price Flea Market. They have really cool rugs there like full knit tigers and a store that sells dildos, swords, and crack pipes (yes in one store). You can get a haircut, eat Jamaican food, play Street Fighter 2 and buy Ghetto Fights DVDs all in one place... I mean basically you can live there.  And you should.  Immediately.  Fair Price Flea Market 956 East Little Creek Road Norfolk, VA 23518-3843 the top of your shit list?

HUMANITY. It's really sad. The entire world is 5 minutes away from annihilation at any moment (nuclear football, look it up on WIKIPEDIA lol). At this point there is like this mental evolutionary rift, I really feel like it.  Some people really just operate on a really reptilian level... fear and greed. I want the aliens to come visit and wake everyone up. There's alot of illuminated people though and we really need to stick together.  People who actually love life, hate being angry, have that fearless glimmer in their eyes and know that the best things in life you cannot buy (except for rollercoasters).

...are you listening to now?

The sound of my laptop fan whirring frantically while rendering video for my job at (make sure you check it out and #RECLAIMYOURTV! But after that I'm going to listen to Juvenile "Ha". 

How would you describe your work?

My dance music is influenced by hardstyle, trance, tricky bass music like the Club Cheval guys, vogue beats... I'm not the type of DJ who doesn't dance. I was a raver before I started DJing and making music didn't stop that. So I make music that makes me want to dance, and that's hard to classify because that's very important to me.  When you name something it starts to die, so hopefully my music is confusing enough to avoid nomenclature. 

For video stuff I just like spectacle, and that's hard to make these days!  I listen to music visually so I'm always seeing images in my head and alot of these become the videos I make.  I've always voraciously consumed and analysed culture. And I get bored of things very fast which keeps me searching for novelty constantly. And hopefully everything I make at the least feels truly novel and unique, whether it's strange dance music or an ambient mix about DMX. At the same time this has led me to feel like I'm not part of any particular group or scene, but I don't really mind it... Confusion is the only constant and I'm going to stick with that!

All DMX vocals affected by @LILINTERNET unless noted as "DRY"
1.  "Lord Give Me A Sign" A Capella
2.  DMX Prayer 1 / Dark Side of the Audio System- Loop 8
3.  DMX Prayer 2 / William Baskinski- El Camino Real
4.  DMX Prayer 3 / Leyland Kirby- The Sound of Music Vanishing
5.  DMX Prayer 4 / Mark Fell- Multistability 4
6.  DMX Prayer 5 / Devastated by @LILINTERNET
7.  DMX Prayer 6 / Dry, Video Interview Rip

Download the mix HERE