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Dominique Young Unique

The energetic young rapper and songwriter presents her new mixtape mashing up her latest songs straight outta Tampa

Dominique Young Unique from Tampa does what it says on the tin. Young and feisty, the rapper/songstress is back with her third mixtape “Stupid Pretty”, a hyperactive ADHD assortment of eight tracks including “Hype Girl”, “Life Of A Party”, "Gangster Whips" and lead track “Stupid Pretty”. Produced by her long time collaborator David Alexander, the mixtape is a high-energy mash-up of Dominique’s youthful and raw songwriting paired with pop-tinged electro beats. We speak to the young lady about her current favourite tunes and what's good in Tampa...


...your secret talent?
My secret talent is I'm good interior design!

...your worst vice?


... your favorite sound?

My favourite sound is Beyonce "Love on Top'

...Your worst fashion secret?

That I love it, and design it HAHA!

...Your favorite website?

My best website is my own of course but I love Pitchfork also Billboard. They have so much stuff news going on there about other artists.

... good for breakfast?
Omg I love breakfast - I love sausages, sunny-side eggs with white toasted with grape jelly. Coffee with bacon oh my.

...the best thing about where you're from?

The best thing of where I'm from which is Tampa is that I'm the only upcoming rising star people here are really supporting. Also they have lots of good shopping centers here but not really much going on here.

...At the top of your shit list?

No one... yet. Haha!

...Are you listening to now?

Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay Z, Dominique Young Unique

How would you describe your work?

I describe my work it has a unique slash fuck you sound. Rap hip hop dancy style.

Check out the Stupid Pretty mixtape by Dominique Young Unique HERE