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Exclusive Mix: Darkhouse Fam

Working with B. Bravo and Sa-Ra’s Om’mas Keith, Wales’s finest beatmakers come to London with a new mix for Dazed

Joining the ranks of Mosca and Julio Bashmore on Fat City’s acclaimed “Producers” EP series, flying the flag for the UK’s freshest new beastly beatmakers, Darkhouse Fam introduced their haunted, guttural and syrupy hip hop productions to the world. Hailing from Cardiff, Don Leisure and Metabeats have a sort of inimitable psychedelic, dislocated boogie approach to their 808s and low end swag.

Their next EP out on Earnest Endeavours features guests including Om’mas Keith from the legendary Sa-Ra production trinity, alongside the Bay Area future funk of B. Bravo. Darkhouse Fam are in London this Wednesday playing alongside LuckyMe’s Lunice and the Dutch icy electronic maestro, Krampfhaft.

WHAT’S… special about you, then?

Metabeats: I was DJing in Ibiza before I was old enough to even be in clubs.
Don Leisure:
I can't ride a bike... that’s a bit special.

 ...your next gig going to be like?

Metabeats: Lunice playing the heat. And us getting real pissy.
Don Leisure:
Loud! Lunice is a don and he'll be there so should be alright! No wasteman thing.

 ...the best piece of advice you've heard?

Metabeats: “Speak how spoken too.” - Pops
Don Leisure:
 "Always start with the drums...” - Dillinja / “Always Bet on Black!” - Wesley Snipes

 ...better, dusk or dawn?

Metabeats: Dusk. That's when the bangers get birthed!
Don Leisure:
 Dawn. If I see it I've either been partying or got a plane to catch.

 …your favourite late night local food spot and why?

Metabeats: Flame ‘n’ Grill. The special is optimum.
Don Leisure:
 Lilos Lebanese Grill. Hot Arab dames and the best fresh juices ever!

 ...your favourite pub snacks?

Metabeats: Nuts innit (pause).
Don Leisure:
 Hate pubs. Love Scampi Fries. 

 ...the world coming to?

Meta: Caviar crackle launch party.
Don Leisure:
What Metabeats said.

 ...your favourite rap moniker?

Metabeats: Action Bronson.
Don Leisure:
 Shorty Shit Stain from Brooklyn Zu.

 ...are you listening to now?

Metabeats: Soft Machine, Atjazz, Julio Bashmore, Rustie, Overdoz, Thundercat.
Don Leisure:
New Madlib, Arp101, Thundercat, Monky, Mr Healan, new Metabeats LP and Greeen Linez.

 ...your worst fashion secret?

Metabeats: Spliffy Productions jacket... I was 11.
Don Leisure:
 Some bright orange polo long sleeve shirt I used to have when I was 13. Guantanamo Bay orange steez.

 ...your favourite website?

Metabeats: Agent Provocateur.
Don Leisure:
 That's Nerdalicious! Blog.

 How would you describe your EP?

Metabeats: Danger Music!
Don Leisure:
 Pergyl Music!

Darkhouse Fam play Wednesday 12th October for their first London show at CAMP with Lunice and Krampfhaft.


1) Billy Paul - 'let the dollar circulate' [Philadelphia International]

2) Spacek - 'The dollar' (prod. J Dilla) [Sound In Color]

3) Brian Bennett - 'Solstice' [DJM Music]

4) Darkhouse Fam - Sticky Trees (greeen linez remix) [Earnest Endeavours]

5) Action Bronson - Imported Goods [Chopped Herring]

6) Metabeats feat Action Bronson - Hookers [Associated Minds] 

7) Darkhouse Fam - Where is everyone? [Finest Ego]

8) Dabrye x Doom - Air [Ghostly International]

9) Black Milk - Untitled [CDR]

10) MED - Classic [Stones Throw] 

11) Metabeats - Bootney Fawnsworth [Associated Minds]

12) Darkhouse Family - Stay Blazed [Fat City]

13) Hudson Mohawke - The Harvest [CDR]

14) YNQ - A Divine imAge [Stones Throw]

15) Darkhouse Fam - Darkhouse Mediation [Fat City]

16) Hekla Kosh - Lo-Fi Jungle [CDR]

17) DamFunk - Forever [Stones Throw] 

18) D'Angelo - Glass Mountain Trust (B.Bravo & Teeko Remix) [CDR]

19) Funkineven feat. Fatima - Yellow Sound [Eglo] 

20) Casey Veggies - Swag worth a Mill [CDR]

22) Exile - Distopian Utopia [All City]

23) Don Leisure - Proper Weirdo [CDR]

24) Teeko - FAME [CDR]

25) B.Bravo & Teeko - Drop It! [Frite Nite]

27) Rotary Connection - Memory Band [Checker]

28) Darkhouse Fam & Om'Mas Keith - Take on the World [Earnest Eneavours]