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Dazed October 2011 Playlist

New music from the Dazed & Confused office stereo, including Nas, Rustie, New Look, Class Actress, Kindness, Surkin, Justice & many more!

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Every month the Dazed Digitallers hound me to put together this playlist of awesome music. I eventually comply but usually leave it until the last minute to hand over the goods as, to be honest, burning loads of CDs onto my computer takes ages and I'd rather be outside shouting at trees. As it turns out, this playlist was trimmed down from 1000+ songs. I eventually got it down to 98 but realised that no-one would sit through seven hours of music, so I hacked further and ended up with the 38 beautiful tracks you are currently listening to. By the way, don't ever get the Number 38 bus if you're in a rush to get from Oxford Street to Clapton, it takes forever and loads of passengers don't wash their feet. That shit stinks. Anyways, here is the new Dazed Digital playlist, featuring loads of music from our November Photo Special and loads of other stuff I've come across online while searching for porn new bus routes. Enjoy.

Artwork by Jan Bielecki