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Having supported Ital at Streets of Beige last weekend, the Montreal via Toronto electronic producer releases his first EP for No Pain In Pop and makes a new mix for us

Having previously produced a string of tracks under various different pseudonyms, the Montreal-based, Toronto-born Doldrums is set to release his first full length EP, 'Empire Sound' with London-based label, No Pain In Pop later this October. Mixing a range of wobbly, percussive electronica with disembodied vocals Woodhead produces post-punk, sound collages, which have a kind of grubby, weirdly abstract feel to them - ranging from the heady, rewound synths of 'Endless Winter' to the more glitch, scratch-scrubbing of 'Parrot Talk'.

Performing alongside the likes of Ital and Protect-U at tonight’s Streets of Beige, we caught up with him to find out more about elks, The Phantom Tollbooth and pinning the tail on the donkey. Check out the mixtape he made for us HERE.

..your best party trick?
Pin the tail on the donkey on salvia

...your worst vice?

…the story behind your name?

Its from a kids' book, 'The Phantom Tollbooth'. In the book the doldrums is the place where nothing ever happens, which is exactly the feeling that we are trying to kill.

...your favourite sound?
Right now the male elk mating call is awhistling down from the rockies each night here in banff. it sounds like something in between a balloon letting out air and grimes

...your worst fashion secret?

Being a 'Don't' in the paperback published edition of Vices dos and dont's. It says, 'let's all just paint our faces and pretend to take LSD while gazing gayly into our snookerbuddies eyes'. Or something. I was sitting on the floor under the blacklights at the Kool Hause in Toronto, I remember the guy asking us if he could take our photo, I thought he was very nice, that jerk!

...your favourite website?

I like most of them

...a label to watch out for?

Really- thats the question now?? i guess now that music is filed on playlists by 'genre' and the only way to write a good press release is to talk up ur 'scene' labels are more important than the music? fuck that! yes i respect a labels ability to have a uniform taste and style that may be really strong across the board, but that sort of appreciation feels completely different from the actual music's transcendental abilities, branding as a sort of psyeudo-art form also has the tendency to chew up and spit out of lot of its content as commodities, so i guess any label that doesn't do that is OK in my books.

...the best thing about where you're from?
I'm from Toronto and the best thing about it was moving to Montreal! the top of your shit list?

I dont really know what the means, but I ate a lot of fish here at the Banff Centre so they've all been pretty interesting.

...are you listening to now?

Arbutus Records, Daps Records, Warp Records . . .

How would you describe your work?

Like a rhinocerous ramming a tin shed. 

Streets of Beige w/ Ital at Visions, Dalston: Friday 28th October; No Pain In Pop DJs: 10pm-12am, Doldrums: 12-1, Protect-U: 1-2, Trevor Jackson: 2-3, Ital: 3-4, Guests and residents B2B: 4-6