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Slugabed Track Giveaway: Depth Perception

Alongside an exclusive track giveaway, the Brighton-based producer speaks to us ahead of the release of his trip-pop infused electronica EP on Ninja Tune

Originally hailing from Bath, but currently residing in Brighton, beat smith Greg Feldwick - aka Slugabed - continues to produce his unique style of glitchy, bass-heavy trip-pop in his latest EP, 'Sun Too Bright, Turn It Off'. Layering a huge mix of samples one on top of another, Feldwick creates tracks which kaleidoscopically shift between wobbling synths, looping repeats and cracked baselines, punctuating them throughout with numerous beeps, clicks and echoes.

Sun Too Bright Turn It Off opens his latest EP with a chorus of eerie, trickling chimes before breaking into a much darker, start-stop rhythm, whilst Dragon Drums mixes tightly clipped percussion samples with repeated fidgety ticks and breaks which give it a kind of James-Bond-on-acid sort of feel. We caught up with him to find out more about sugar cubes, synth trumpets and Eastenders alongside an exclusive track giveaway of 'Depth Perception' from his new EP.


...your best party trick?
I've been known to sleepwalk and wee on stuff but im not very proud of it

...your worst vice?
I eat the sugar cubes when I'm at a coffee place

…the story behind your name?
My mum used to call me it because I was no good at getting out of bed

... your favourite sound?
Thunder. Or maybe synth trumpets.

...your worst fashion secret?
Sometimes I don't wear socks cause it's really cool to do so, but it makes my feet stank

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?


...the best thing about where you're from?

It's pretty and I like the countryside the top of your shit list?


...are you listening to now?

How would you describe your work?

Bouncy and brightly coloured but a bit emotional too.