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Photo by Jeff Burch

Psychic Ills' Hazed Dream: Exclusive Album Stream

Hear the new album on Sacred Bones from the dark New York duo featuring their unique fuzzy psych sounds

New York-based psych nerds Psychic Ills are back to enthrall us with their new album 'Hazed Dream', this October. Out on Sacred Bones (Zola Jesus, Effi Briest etcetera), the album was recorded live to tape by Mitch Rakin (Gang Gang Dance, Black Dice... etcetera) featuring their characteristicly dark and ambient vibes. The duo's eerie organs, fuzzy guitar riffs and harmonica solos across the new LP drew us to ask the pair about their favourite sounds and labels alongside an exclusive album stream for Dazed...


...your best party trick?
Elizabeth Hart: Back flip, with the shoulder assistance of two willing participants

...your worst vice?
Tres Warren: Dont’t know, bourbon?

…the story behind your name?
Tres Warren: I read it in a book about a painter a long time a ago. I think the sentence said 'his psychic ills intensified after..." or something like that.

...your favourite sound?
Elizabeth Hart: A cicada symphony

...your worst fashion secret?
Tres Warren:
Wearing the same clothes for weeks straight.
Elizabeth Hart:
Hmm, I dunno 

...your favourite website?
Elizabeth Hart: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

...a label to look out for?
Elizabeth Hart:
Sacred Bones Records
Tres Warren: De Stijl Records

...good for breakfast?
Elizabeth Hart:
The farmers market from Great Jones Cafe
Tres Warren: 

...the best thing about where you're from?
Tres Warren:
Mexican Food
Elizabeth Hart:
Definitely Mexican Food the top of your shit list?
Elizabeth Hart: Flakes

...are you listening to now?
Tres Warren:
John Phillips, Phantom Payn, Citizens for Interplanetary Activity, Bob Trimble
Elizabeth Hart: Jim Sullivan, Kurt Vile, Sir Douglas Quintet and some Judas Priest

How would you describe your work?
Tres Warren:
An ongoing journey
Elizabeth Hart: