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Faze Action Exclusive Mix

Get that Friday feeling with the duo's funky, disco house mix ahead of their Warehouse Rave gig this weekend

Faze Action a.k.a brothers Simon and Robin Lee have carved out an impressive music career blending house music with funk disco and jazz. Their first collaboration way back in 1995 produced their debut EP entitled, Original Disco motion. Fast forward fifteen years and the guys have played on some of the most iconic international stages including Glastonbury, supported Groove Armada on tour and released four albums including the critically acclaimed "Stratus Energy". The duo are gracing East London with their skills at the Lazer Cave’s Warehouse Rave on 15 October and to get you prepped they have put together a little pre-party mix.


...your secret talent?
Robin Lee:
I don't know if it's a talent but...I can eat really spicy food without breaking a sweat.
Simon Lee: Cheese on toast!

...your worst vice?
Robin Lee:
Apart from the obvious, I really like very sweet rum. Sailor Jerry is probably top of the list and don't even think of mixing it with anything other than coke.
Simon Lee: Coffee at the moment.

...the story behind your name?
Robin Lee:
I think it has something to do with a phase effect that we discovered in the studio at the very start. I can't remember very well. Simon knows the story better than me.
Simon Lee: I’m afraid its nothing political or of deep scientific knowledge, We were working with our Engineer at the time and we wanted some sound fx on the track and came up with the term "Faze Action" there were a few names in the running but think we got the best one! 

...your worst fashion secret?
Robin Lee: When I was at primary school in 1979 (showing my age there), I had a pair of 18inch bell bottoms. By 1979 bell bottoms where not hip anymore.
Simon Lee: I spent £150 on a Fila track suit in 1986 Then a mate stubbed a cigarette out on it!

...your favourite website?
Robin Lee:
Next to Dazed Digital. I'm a mad facebook fan. I also like Lexx's blog. Loads of nice music there.
Simon Lee: Cosmic Dudes!

...good for breakfast?
Robin Lee:
Fruit and a nice cup of tea. If there's a hangover involved, Miso Ramen.
Simon Lee: Pineapple always works! the top of your shit list?
Robin Lee: Fakes. Some have clearly practiced faking until they can't remember who they are anymore. Others admire fakers and generally like to make them into pop stars/celebrities. Big Brother and Hello magazine can fight over the top of the shit list.
Simon Lee: Overpriced restaurants and bad service.

...and hit list?
Robin Lee:
Technology. It has it's up and down sides but the tool of technology is a great gift.
Simon Lee: Vinyl and looking for it nothing better than finding a golden nugget of disco glory or coming across something that really inspires you!

...are your current favorite track?
Robin Lee: It's very self centered but Simon and I have been working on a track called "Freak for your Love" and I absolutely love it. Other great tracks out there at the moment are "Touch it" by The Shack and the Lindstrom and Prins Thomas remix of Harvey's Locussolus project with a tune called "I want it".
Simon Lee: As above loving "The Shack" Rudy's Midnight Machine and Pat Matheny- Au Lait (check our DJ mix)

How would you describe your work?
Robin Lee: Our songs are personal expressions and reflections on themes and ideas with the added function of trying to make you dance at the same time.
Simon Lee: We try and write music for the moment drawing on our past experiences and everything we have listened to.

Lazer Cave Warehouse Party, 20:00 - 06:00, Saturday 15 October 2011, Netil House Warehouse, 1 Westagate Street, Hackney, E8 3RL. Tickets here.


Psychemajik - Star Lazer

Louis - Pink Footpath

Linntronix - Cool Out (Refresh)

Pete Herbert - Tonights the night (PH edit)

The Shack - Touch it (Faze Action Mix)

Azari & III - Into the Night

Time Bandits - Shooting Love