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Sun Glitters

We speak with the Luxembourg beatmaker before the release of his debut album this month

Luxembourg-based beatmaker Sun Glitters' music is the kind of stuff that the more you listen to it, the more you hear. Having mastered that deep, down tempo, multi layered sound and collected a strong fanbase in the process, Sun Glitters is about to embark on a lengthy tour of Europe. Previously describing his songs as “an ocean of lush melodies” and “ghostly digi-diva choirs”, his fantastical audio collages have seen him compared to artists such as Balam Acab.

Not one to shy away from hard work and new creative ventures Sun Glitters most recent projects include droping a collaborative E.P with Bermuda Bonnie and LA’s Steffaloo and working with the likes of Blackbird Blackbird and Niva. While fans wait with baited breath for the debut release 'Everything Could Be Fine', Sun Glitters has put out the haunting single 'The Wind Caresses Her Hair' which should definitely keep our ears occupied (for the time being anyway!).


...your secret talent?
Sun Glitters: Drawing

...your worst vice?
Sun Glitters: The need to make several things at the same time

…the story behind your name?
Sun Glitters:
There is no real story behind...It came spontaneously! I was searching for a special name, something that fits well with my music and the visuals I work with.

...your favourite sound?
Sun Glitters:
My car key that I mix very often with my beats. But also a Reaktor Patch called the WeedwackerR5!

...your worst fashion secret?
Sun Glitters: I think I’ll wear sneakers my whole life!

...your favourite website?
Sun Glitters:

...good for breakfast?
Sun Glitters: I adore the English breakfast, and of course my cup of coffee!

...the best thing about where you're from?
Sun Glitters: Bouneschlupp (It's a bean soup). the top of your shit list?
Sun Glitters: Making things at the last minute.

...are you listening to now?
Sun Glitters: Greenwood Sharps and Cold Love among others!

How would you describe your work?
Sun Glitters: "shoefazing wonkyplops" (It's when shoegaze meets wonky, post-dubstep and chillwave...) ;)

The single 'The Wind Caresses Her Hair’ is out now. The debut album 'Everything Could Be Fine' is out 25th October 2011.