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Way Through Video

The now London-based twosome on Upset the Rhythm take on punk sentimentalities with an English candour

Upset the Rhythm's latest punk duo Way Through who originally hail from Shropshire now reside in sunny ol' London. Working with abstract songs on a punk tip, Way Through have embraced their Englishness with a refreshing new take, such as their track ‘Rural Fringe’ pondering a mundane suburban life. Releasing their debut album 'Arrow Shower' yesterday (3rd October), Way Through take us on an aural journey along British hillside walks - check out the new video here for their new single, Gallant Show here.

...your secret talent?
Interpreter of ancient English manuscripts. Accidental impersonator.
Chris: I have heightened powers of observation, it usually makes things like walking down the street overwhelming (what with the internal commentary) but perhaps it’ll come in as useful one day for some Crimewatch re-enactment as it does for writing songs.

...your worst vice?
Well, it’s not so much of a vice as a foible but I have this strange aversion to retracing steps. I can’t walk the same route twice the same day, I’m a detour man, addicted to novelty.
W.L. Weller 12.

…the story behind your name?
‘Way Through’ is a name we wanted to use as it infers passage, travel into; tying into the more site-specific / psychogeographical elements of the band. It also suggests task, like making your way through a forest or a book, reflecting on how far you’ve come. We also like its double meaning, with way through = "very over", why not work backwards from the end.

...your favourite sound?
I like phasing church bells and reversed speech.
Claire: Our cat squeaking in delight like a tiny chimp when she catches a bluebottle between her teeth. She has now learned that when she closes her mouth the fly stops buzzing.

...your worst fashion secret?
I own a lab coat covered in fake blood.
I’m not saying anything.

...your favourite website?
Chris: What a resource! They’ve recently uploaded a very worth-watching Harry Partch documentary and this super 8 footage of Tuxedomoon is pretty great too:
Claire: East London can still surprise you, even when you think you're hopelessly jaded.

... good for breakfast?
I am poached egg girl.
I like to wake up early, watch a film and sip orange juice infrequently.

...the best thing about where you're from?
Well for me Charles Darwin and John Peel were both from Shrewsbury where I grew up so that left a lasting impression on me as a music-fixated biologist. I actually went back to visit the house in which I was born last week too. It’s a small, split address cottage staring out from the hillside of one of Shropshire’s smallest villages called Grinshill. I love the unstoppable nature of the place, the Jubilee Oak, the closed community hall and the faces trapped in the crumbling sandstone.
I like how quiet my village is, it freaks you out at first, returning home from exile in London. Clocks are unrelenting, rustling trees deafening and you can hear your heart beat in your head but by day two you can think clearer than ever. the top of your shit list?
The lack of a broader contextualisation and deeper appreciation felt in virtually everything.
Claire: The Tories

...are you listening to now?
I’m enjoying the ‘In Vogue Spirit’ LP by Wet Hair, and Bomber Jackets, Halo Halo, The Urxed, Eyeless In Gaza.
I’m listening to the new record by Peepholes called ‘Caligula’, they’ve squared up an almost tribal melancholy with moments of unburdened euphoria, really excellent stuff!

How would you describe your work?
Way Through is about inward territories, listening in, retracing steps (ironically for Chris). Way Through is an excavation of memory, joining the dots between lost places and deteriorating histories, between intuition and the everyday.