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Wagon Christ

The King of Stoned Exotica, Luke Vibert prepares to move our mind and our feet at his gig at London's KOKO

Toomorrow is the latest album released by Wagon Christ. As the name suggest it’s a rather Hare Krishna spaced out melodrama...but one tempered with its producers (AKA Luke Vibert’s) Jungle Breakbeat and signature manic use of stolen acapella. Deep voices off Disco records and conspiratorial acid heads conversations in early nineties Rave are layered, reverbed and distorted across the tracks in a fashion that’s sure to spread a grin across your face. Insanely the whole album feels punk. Vibert famously grew up in Cornwall with friend Aphex Twin, where the electronica scene was non existent, vacant, even foreign. The two of them decided to ‘do it themselves’ and build their own scene but Vibert was the one who first kicked off his music career in a punk act called Five Minute Fashion and really brings back the ‘rip it up and start again’ karma, sampling from pop chart record producers who should have known better.

Dazed Digital: With the release of the Toomorrow album you’ve been crowned King of Stoned Exotica, are you going to be playing those tracks live?
Luke Vibert:
More of a DJ set... it's impossible to do those tracks live really and most of them weren't made for club sound systems, there's too much going on!

DD: Where do you find most of your samples? 

Luke Vibert:
Well, it's always the present when I'm looking for samples but they're usually stolen off records from the past.

DD: Are you into turntableism or more triggering different samples like a live production?
Luke Vibert:
The latter, I did use to love fucking around with records but couldn't get into Serato or whatever so just trigger the tracks with the keyboard.

DD: What's your set-up for playing live? 

Luke Vibert:
Yep...just the lappy....I have tons of key commands I've pre-programmed, and can fuck stuff up quite nicely.

DD: Apparently you once got your kids to pick out records at a festival for your DJ set?
Luke Vibert:
Definitely not, but when they're with me at a gig I love it, and they usually stand right next to me all night, dancing a bit and looking at everyone in the audience which I can never do because I'm a bit shy and awkward.

DD: You're a fan of animations, is anyone working with you on visuals for this show?

Luke Vibert:
Unfortunately not it’s a bit too expensive! My friend Celyn made a great video for the track 'Chunkothy' off the LP though, so hopefully people will see that somehow, someway..!

DD: Lastly, apart from there being lots of kids into electronica when you were growing up in Cornwall as a place do you think it had an influence on the type of music you wanted to produce?
Luke Vibert: Hardly anyone was into it actually, and there was nowhere to hear it, which is why Aphex, Tom Middleton, Grant Wilson-Claridge, Jeremy Simmonds and me started to do our own club nights and make our own tracks. And because we didn't really listen to what was 'going on' in London or wherever, we got it all slightly wrong, but in a good way! I'm very happy to have been so far removed from what was happening at the time, because we had the time and space to develop our own sound and scene.