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Deep Space Orchestra

The UK-based deep house production pair speak to us about tiny pants and their favourite tunes

Having just released their latest EP on Quintessentials, UK duo Deep Space Orchestra's latest offering entitled ‘Bucktown Fever’ EP is a beautiful slice of intelligent deep house. Chris Barker & Si Murray take warm analogue elements and organic sounds to make sumptuous tracks for the likes of Delusions Of Grandeur and Drumpoet Community. The pair rework their influences from jazz, disco and even early drum & bass to make emotive disco-infused house sounds.


...your secret talent?
3rd dan table tennis grand master.
Si: My Sean Connery impression is pretty boss.

...your worst vice?
Either gin or video games. Both at the same time are good.
Si: Intense procrastination.

...your favourite sound?
Si: Cracking knuckles.

...your worst fashion secret?
A completely miniscule pair of pants. It was an accidental purchase, honestly.
Si: I rocked a fine line in hideous death metal band t-shirts during my teenage years. Cannibal Corpse did a fine line in granny botherers.

...your favourite website?
Kemp Folds. It's Ross Kemp's face, but folded.
Si: spEak You're bRanes - - severely good.

...good for breakfast?
Anything involving eggs. Actually, my special sausage sandwiches are pretty good. I'm not giving away the secret though.
Si: Good granola with bananas and blueberries and yoghurt.

...the best thing about where you're from?
I currently live in Liverpool but grew up around Birmingham. If you're from the Midlands then you're a southerner to northeners and a northerner to southerners. Being looked down on by everybody everywhere is quite liberating.
Si: Celtic. the top of your shit list / hit list?
Shit - Thousands of near-identical "who's got the biggest bassline" dubstep records. Boring, boring music. Hit - Some homemade gin I was given for my birthday.
Si: Shit - Massively over hyped, currently ubiquitous 'house' labels being bigged up by all and bloody sundry when in fact the music they put out is shite. Hit - Future Times / L.I.E.S. - the real deal. Seek out.

...are you listening to now?
Robert Glasper - "Jelly's da beener" on Blue Note.
Si: Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda.

‘Bucktown Fever EP’ is out now on Quintessentials