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Throwing Snow Exclusive Mix

Having just released his 12" on Sneaker Social Club, the young electronic producer makes a new mix for Dazed

In the overcrowded market of electronic music, one producer who is slowly rising to the top of the vast pool of techno is Ross Tones a.k.a Throwing Snow. Set to release 12" ‘Shadower / Sanctum’ through fledgling label Sneaker Social Club, his niche between Bristol bass, minimal techno and the rave scene of the 90s has already been recognised by esteemed Dirtybird label head Claude VonStroke who included ‘Shadower’ in one of his recent podcasts for Resident Advisor.

Judging by his released work to date, Tones cannot be accused of lacking confidence, an attribute that must be admired in a day and age of great unpredictability and shape shifting in the underground scene. And with remixes to come for Eskmo and The Count & Sinden, Tones’ upward trajectory towards the top shows no sign of stalling any time soon.


...your secret talent?
Ha, I'm actually pretty good at flytying!

...your worst vice?
Vices are the best thing about life and trainers would rate highly on the list

…the story behind your name?
I was on a snowy fellside with Matt Ellwood (one of my best mates and the talented artist behind the Snow Ghosts cover and his 'tower' series of paintings) around Christmas time. We were talking about Northern humour and how you always know who your good friends are because you can massively insult them to their face and they will always take it in jest. He said it was like 'throwing snowballs', in the way that it's a seemingly violent action but is in fact is the opposite.....hence Throwing Snow

...your favourite sound?
Not sure I could ever definitively pick a favourite but some where between a sub hit that forces you to involuntarily smile (like the sub on the Tanka track) and vinyl maybe just crackle sidechained with a sub hit

...your worst fashion secret?
I still think about that shellsuit top with the running horses print on it....regularly

...your favourite website?
Toss up between and 

...good for breakfast?
Eggs Florentine

...the best thing about where you're from?
I'm from Weardale in the North originally which is really beautiful, so I'd have to say watching the seasons change the top of your wish list?
A microramp in a living room overlooking a chalk stream

...are you listening to now?
Among all the amazing music I'm hearing at the moment this stands out for me - The Haxan Cloak - In Memoriam, oh and Petter Worland - Tibeat...

How would you describe your work?
I was going to say 'mildly erotic' but thought better of it! I suppose influenced by many genres but hung loosely from hooks of sub, percussion and the darker side of folky atmospherics... what do you think?