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Martyn - Ghost People Launch

The electronic producer is joined by Kode9 and dBridge to celebrate the launch of his dark new album on Brainfeeder, alongside an art collaboration with Erosie

To mark the arrival of his upcoming album on LA's Brainfeeder label, producer/label owner of 3024, Martyn will be playing a series of shows across London, Berlin, and LA this autumn. Kicking things off in a secret Hoxton warehouse (of course) this Thursday, the launch in partnership with Black Atlantic will see a special live show from him with support from Hyperdub's Kode9, and dBridge. Entitled ‘Ghost People’, the new album takes a darker turn on his already intense techno-influenced electronic tracks and also acts as an artistic collaboration between Martyn and his friend, Eindhoven-based visual artist Erosie. The artwork for ‘Ghost People’ was also accompanied by an 18m high mural from Erosie’s ‘Horror Vacui’ series (meaning "fear of empty space"/and is also the title of one of Martyn’s album tracks), painted by hand in Poland. Here we speak to the Dutch producer about his collaborations and who the 'Ghost People' really are.

Dazed Digital: Your new album is pretty intense, what were the inspirations behind it - if there are any that you can pinpoint?
A lot of the ideas come from being on the road, gigging. After the release of my first album I started to play out more and more, and my sets started to feature 4x4 house frequently. I guess you can hear that in this album.
DD: You'd said you wanted something more aggressive for this album? Is this something that came naturally to you or was it a difficult process to continuously do this with varied sounds on a full length?
Martyn: Not necessarily aggressive but I think music is always a reflection of your state of mind. The first album was very much about melancholy and contemplation, I think this new one has definitely a lot more drive, from being on the road, from being unhappy with a situation perhaps.

DD: What's the story behind the name 'Ghost People'?
Martyn: It has multiple meanings but it basically is the name I use for people I encountered while touring, that to my mind had less interest in the music and the art side of DJ'ing/producing and more in the so called DJ lifestyle. It was more about showing off, money, girls, getting free stuff etc. I had a hard time dealing with those sort of people because it just felt they were from a completely different planet than I am.

DD: How did you first get involved with Erosie? What do you think it is about his work that fits with your music as such?
Martyn: Oh we've been working together for over 10 years now. It started with him doing the flyers for drum'n'bass events back in Holland that I was involved in, this grew to decorations and other visual input. In 2006/2007 we decided to start up a label together, 3024, which is going strong to this day. "Great Lengths" was released on that label and we did a big project for it including poster art and whatnot. When I started on my second album he was involved from the get go. His visual style brings different "genres" together in much the same way that I combine my musical influences into coherent songs. I think that's why we're able to communicate about our direction so easily.

DD: What/who are you listening to at the moment?
Martyn: The last few weeks I've been getting back into Philip Glass - after watching a beautiful documentary about him and his work called "Glass - a portrait of Philip in twelve parts".  On a more dancefloor level I'm loving Daphni's output, new Redshape material, and I'm very happy with Mosca's 12" for my label 3024.

DD: What's next?

Martyn: What I'm most excited about now is just doing live shows, and even more so the album-specific shows together with Erosie. We picked a few of our favourite cities to do an audiovisual "event", starting off with London on sept 15th.  I will play a special live set and Erosie will literally put the audience in the middle of his art. (Cryptic I know!) We're doing a very special event in Berlin as well on the first weekend of October. It's been a while since I played at a proper Brainfeeder event so the Japanese tour at the end of October is another thing I'm really looking forward to!

Martyn (special live album set) with Kode 9 (Garage set) dBridge (Exit), Manny Z (Citinite) + SP:MC. Art by Erosie. At a Secret Hoxton Warehouse Location in partnership with Black Atlantic. Thursday Sep 15th 2011 - 9:00 PM. £12.00. 'Ghost People' is out October 10th.