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Dazed speaks to the band's witty Liverpudlian frontmen Andrew Hunt and Thomas Gorton about releasing their debut single 'Two Islands / Vehicles' marking Double Denim's seventh release

Liverpool five-piece Outfit are purveyors of typically storming British pop, doused in melancholy, rich, cavernous atmospheres loaded with introspection and dry wit. Their debut single, ‘Two Islands / Vehicles’ marks the seventh release by Double Denim, Dazed caught up with frontmen Andrew Hunt & Thomas Gorton to mark the occasion. 

Dazed Digital: Who is your dream collaboration?
So dream collaboration means they can be dead right? Ok so, we're scoring a dystopian ballet for Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Nam June Paik, is on set design and video, the whole thing is based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut, the whole thing is filmed and has Clint Eastwood in the lead role and directing. Or maybe Pional could just produce our album, that would be pretty cool.

DD: Your vision of the future?
: A place where the gap between between simulation and reality grows ever thinner to the extent that one becomes the other. An increase in the population of soya pigs, the employment of genderless teachers and a world where Outfit is known as 'pop music'.

DD: Who is your hero?
Andrew: The guy who walks down Princes Avenue in Liverpool dressed like Mad Max looking like he's just escaped from a nuclear blast in the desert, always smiling. He is pretty alright.

DD: Your worst vice?
Hiking through lonely Internet terrain, watching my moral compass waver. Fascination with alienation. Oh, and shitting in the sink.

DD: Did you dream about last night?
Andrew: Teeth everywhere, intercourse with anonymous flesh coloured limbless blobs and weird mole people living in the attic of a huge house, who I suspect are either aliens or drug addicts, and who just keep on coming back.

DD: What's the best advice you've ever had?
Thomas: Stop.

DD: What are you listening to now?
Andrew: Air conditioning, London Midlands train announcements, the high frequency bleed of Valerie by The Zutons coming from someone's ear phones, children shouting. I suppose these are just things I can hear really, but i'm listening now that you've asked me about it.

DD: What is good for breakfast?
Thomas: I'm gonna have to be boring, you must get a lot of people saying 'coffee, cigarettes, toast, peanut butter, squid, shepherd's pie and an ice-pop' but it's just what I think.

DD: What's the best thing about where you're from?
Andrew: Well I just moved actually, so I would say the feeling of not knowing exactly where you are, the sense of busyness that comes with living in a capital city, and the basketball court by our flat. A few weeks ago I would have said friends.

DD: Favorite outfit?
Thomas: A white tuxedo left to me by a grandfather I didn't meet. I wore it once to my girlfriend's 18th and she didn't get it. That was it then.

Outfit single launch tonight at The Shacklewell Arms with support from Zullu Winter. Tour dates: October 9th @ The Kazimier, Liverpool with Cloud Control /  October 12th @ Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds with Craft Spells.