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Slow Club

The boy-girl duo blend classically British pop, indie and folk for a mesmerising new album

The Sheffield twosome Slow Club, are back this autumn with their second album, ‘Paradise.’ Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson have been gaining momentum for several years, playing with the likes of Summer Camp, Jamie T, and KT Tunstall. Known for their interwoven vocals, witty, romantic lyrics and a penchant for playing all manners of instruments from guitars to chairs, they elicit a charming blend of British pop, folk and indie.

‘Paradise’ continues the themes of their first album, ‘Yeah So’, with a new edge. Produced by Luke Smith (of electro band Clor & producer of Foals' ‘Total Live Forever’), the album is a refreshing mix of soft, sweet balladry and whirling, raucous dance music that nods at their r’n’b influences. Think Laura Marling and Fleet Foxes with a noise-pop twist. The album circles themes of family, sex and death with chest-swelling anthems about deeply personal issues. Take, ‘You, Earth or Ash,’ a touching example of Taylor’s powerful vocals and her attempt to come to terms with her grandfather’s inevitable death.

Dazed Digital: What's 'Paradise' about?
Slow Club: Paradise is about lots of stuff. The most constant theme is in the music. We tried to make the whole record sound colourful.

DD: How do you feel 'Paradise' has moved away from 'Yeah So?'
Slow Club: We spent more time with new instruments and new ways of using our old instruments.

DD: Did you find your new approach to song writing for the album had a big impact on the end result?
Slow Club:
I don't think the songwriting really changed that much. We just had more solid idea of how we want the songs to be presented. That’s had the biggest impact.

DD: How was it working with Luke Smith?
Slow Club: He made this record come to life. He realised all the vague, incommunicable ideas we had and turned them into real things. It was really cool to observe a great producer at work in his prime!

DD: What/where is paradise for you?
Slow Club: Sun when you’re expecting rain.

DD: Best advice you've ever been given?
Slow Club: It pays not to look at mussels before you eat them.

DD: What's next?
Slow Club: We have just got back off tour so lots of washing. Writing some new songs and getting ready for America in November.

Text by Rose Clark